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Engagement euro-méditerranéen
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Feb 28, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cemea Franche-Comté as an association of non formal education, mouvement of new education, is an organism of formation for adults. We are also sending organisation for Erasmus+ mobility projects and we are an active and commited on the field international solidarity, interculturality, the fight against kind of discrimination and exclusion. That's the reason why we are regularly organising seminars like this Euromed commitment seminar. It was the concrete opportunity to gather different organisations, not always working in the same domains but every of them sharing the same citizenship values. This seminar enabled the participants, youth workers and/or societies activists and/or project initiators and/or social workers to exchange about their own practices linked with the cultural background of each association. It was also the occasion to build a network, to arouse creations of projects, to help and support those local or international projects and to work on the local togetherness, in the meaning of harmonious way of living together within a cultural diversity context. The 41 persons (participants and trainers) of this seminar were project initiators, associative activists, youth animators or social workers, people with the will to give an international dimension to their professional and personal activities. There were people of all ages, motivated about the topic of international solidarity. Unfortunately the objective to respect a perfect gender mixity hasn't been succeeded. The available people whom expectations fitted the goals of this meeting were mostly women. Through the activities carried out during this seminar, the participants were brought around to reconsider the prejudices they could have in order to enable a better understanding of others. The participants could also gained a project creation methodology in the framework of international solidarity thanks to presentations, varied activities, group works and several exhanges. The methods used to encourage collaboration, real meeting and a project process were active education methods. Activity was the main support for the learnings of each person. We first arranged acquaintance activities between individuals and then presentations of the different associations and countries. In small groups participants could then presented their life path linked with their associative commitment. This brought us to a reflection about the concept of commitment and its importance for each participant. Finally, each group presented propositions to increase the commitment of people in the civil society. The moment of activity about interculturality was engaged through the thematic of prejudices and stereotypes and followed by a reflection about how to go beyond them. The second part of the seminary has been mainly devoted to the international solidarity thematic through the work in group projects. Thanks to the method of projects fair, varied propositions and discussions of partnerships were created. The working time in group of project has led to the presentation of 9 projects. A time dedicated to the mecanisms of international trade, interdependance phenomenons between countries and roles of international authorities has been implemented thanks to role-playing (gobalized market game). An intercultural savouring with presentation of all the countries was organised as well as a folklorik dances night, board games with the local population and a visit of the closest big city. Then we finished the week with an assessment and evaluation time. During the seminar, 9 intercultural projects have been initiated (mixing members of different associations and countries). Each participant could embrace other cultures, other practices especially thanks to the commitment that everyone brought into the group projects, the personal curiosity and togetherness. Everyone could become aware of the role he can individually and jointly play within the civil society, the importance of commitment and fight against exclusion, racism, the importance of cultural mixing in the contemporary society. This project enabled our associations to create strong partnerships or to reinfoce them. The projects that have been created during this seminary have to be seen in a long term framework because they can stretch til 2017. Moreover the participants are not the only one to be the beneficiaries of the positive effects of this seminary because everyone in its country, in its association, in its environment is a representative of the knowledge gained during this experience.

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