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Engage trainers in Learning MODules and matErial Creation

Reason for the project:Adult educators have an enormous potential for creating an attractive and qualitativelearning environment that facilitates the professional and personal development ofadults and raises the attractiveness and quality of LLL activities. However, only a few ofthem can successfully integrate developments in the rapidly evolving fields ofeducational technology and pedagogy in their training. Even fewer engage themselvesinto the creative process of developing their own materials. There is an expressed needby adult teachers and trainers for further training in all countries, especially when itcomes to the education design and technology field.In this framework, and given the particular potential of adult educators in transformingthe training act, the project E-MODE aims at a targeted reinforcement of the trainers’competences regarding the creation, application and evaluation of their own learningmodules and materials, using ICT in this process. This will be achieved by:- Identifying, analyzing and targeting a positive change in the adult trainers’ attitudes andpractices, when it comes to the development of their own educational modules andmaterial, supported by new ICT- Elaborating a pedagogically and technologically integrated set of methodologies for thedevelopment and use of educational modules and materials in various modes of trainingdelivery.- Creating innovative educational material for training the trainers in the design,development and evaluation of learning modules and contents using ICT, and applying itin the framework of a virtual environment for learning- Carrying out piloting activities in different countries with different target groups andlearning environments in order to validate the products.- Producing overall and country-specific integration guidelines in order to applyinnovation from the field into the daily training practice of adult educators and trainingorganisations and therefore influence adult Education policies towards such newpractices.- In this way, adult educators will be supported in responding to their essential role asinnovators and facilitators of flexible, community- and ICT-based learning environmentsin the modern European knowledge society.
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