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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Today, the energy problem has become one of the most important issues of the world needed to be resolved. Three-quarters of the energy consumed is imported in our country, only 20% of one quarter of the remaining are derived from renewable energy sources. 60% of the imported gas purchased from Russia, 40% is from Iran. Petrol is being imported as well. Only 7% consumed petroleum is derived from the own resources. Energy demand of countries takes shape depending on many socio-economic factors like their population, social and economic development level, industrialization, urbanization and technological progress. Electricity is one of the most important inputs of socio-economic developments. Therefore, providing a reliable, sufficient, good quality and environmentally-friendly supply of electricity is essential. In our country, to meet the growing energy demand, the main objective of Turkey’s energy policy is to provide uninterrupted, reliable, low cost and environmentally friendly energy supply.With the rapid development of technology will facilitate the life of people in the production of important power is knowledge and innovation produced considering the speed of the old vocational education developing themselves continuously with renewals of and technological developments must be informed.Project was prepared by consortia ingenuity which is composed with the membership of 3 Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School in Ankara led by EÜAŞ, the national institution responsible for the Turkey's electricity production. All of our schools have been working very close purposes with each other. There is electrical - electronic technologies and metal technology department in Gazi and Gölbaşı Vocaitonal and Technical Anatolian High School members of our concortium and our students get education within the scope of same curriculum. With regard to project topic, chemistry technologies department is available in Mehmet Rüştü Uzel Vocaitonal and Technical Anatolian High School.Monitoring of the situation in the EU members on international power generation systems, production continuity and quality is a serious requirement of our institution as the leader of consortium. Our institution performs a very important activity at the point of fulfilling desired quality of the electricity needs of the national electrical system to provide timely and uninterrupted. Therefore, there is a need to the examination of renewable energy sources and following up new developments on energy supply, testing / quality issues. There is no the security of power supply and renewable energy sources topics in the curriculum of the concortium member schools. Our Project is a mobility project for VET learners and staff. It shall be carried out with a participant group consisting of 40 students and 22 staff.Our project will start in 1st September of 2016, 31st August of 2017 will be over, and will be held for 12 months.6 flows ( international mobility) is scheduled at our project as below.Flow1: 12 staff for 14 days will be applied to the city of Stockholm in Sweden.Flow2: 8 staff for 14 days will be implemented in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Flow3 and Flow 4 : 20 students 14 days will be applied in the city of Stockholm in Sweden so as to traineeships in vocational institutes.Flow5 and Flow 6: 20 students for 14 days, will be applied in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic so as to traineeships in companies.Training activities will provide work experience to our students. By this way students will gain the competencies demanded by business world on the one hand. On the other hand they will develop an awareness of occupational liabilites related to subject that is important for cultural and economic development. At this point, the project will contribute to the emergence of qualified work force. Another positive effect of project will be on the students' level of foreign language skills.Within the project also our staff are going to be attending training activites by which the power production methods, renewable energy sources and analysis methods can be find out within the scope of EU's implementations and arrangements. Therefore, within the concortium member institutions body, four different units are going to be established. These are going to be planing, management, implementation and evaluation teams. These teams are going to take an active role in the processes of before, during and after the mobilites. The basic travelling organizations and preparation of the students will be carried on before the mobilities. The training programmes will be followed during flows. The competencies of students will be evaluated and the outputs of the project will be revealed along with the dissemination of the project after the mobilities.
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