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Encouraging unity trough sustainable action
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

' • ' :' v ■ "'" *'■General Objective: To create a comprehensive common action strategy thai tackles the major global issue of stimulation of initiative and entrepreneurship amongst youth while spurring Latin America - European Union best practice exchange, learning and cooperationSpecific Objectives1. Create a common European-South America action strategy on major global issue of stimulation of initiative and entrepreneurship amongst youthThe advent of globalizations means also a globalization of the problems that renders futile local solutions 'thsťwurkBd'irrthepästrThe projmťaims at seftiïErflWbasis of cooperatiõfTÕetween 3 countnes trom Sour/? America and 3 countries from the European Union so that a common strategy can be put into-practhe-byihe-partner organizations. In the course of the project there will be a tolal of 18 young people— that are to be trained in becoming experts on the issues at hand and throughout the project based on the findings of the trained experts a common trans-continental strategy will be elaborated that will guide future action and make it more sustainable, efficient and effective.2. Elaborate an written study of the work done by each partner country in tackling these issuesOne of the core activities of the project will be a Job Shadowing activity done by young persons from each partner country that will trained and send to the partners country form the other continent(EU to South America and South America to EU)where they will observe and note the current status quo on the issue at hand in that country based on studying policies, interviews, panels and witnessing best practice examples. All of the actions done in the Job Shadowing will be directed towards gathering data for a country report fallowing that presents the status on measures that aim at solving the issue , the effectiveness of the measures, best practice examples and a set of conclusions and recommendations. The materials produced by the European Job Shadowing teams will then be combined in a common report reflecting the situation observed and lessons learned in Latin America and vice versa. The two reports will then be finally combined into one common document that will contain all of the changes, Improvements, policy suggestions that advocacy will be done on.3. Advocate for innovative policy recommendations and advocate for them to the publicauthorities. ŕAn integral part of the project will be the an advocacy campaign that aims at promoting the results of the project at the local, national and International level. This will be done by public hearings and conferences that will target the relevant authorities advocating for innovation of the public policies.4. Promote the exchange of best practice examples between the 6 partner countriesThe Job Shadowing will have as an aim the observation of the best practice examples in each of the countries in the three relevant domains. These will be an integral part of the final study that will be elaborated. The advocacy campaign will keep count of these and will advocate for learning from what other have done right and what has given the best results.5. Rise awareness on the major challenges that this issue will give rise to in the futureThe Job Shadowing teams will not only be a passive actor to that is limited to observing, noting and data mining but will also become an active promoter of the need to take action and address the future challenges in the topics the projects handles. In each country the job shadow teams will hold 3 public hearings per country will be organized in 3 cities. The public hearings will disseminate the principles of the project and will rise awareness of the topics at hand enlarging the beneficiaries group of the project.

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