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Enantioselective Metal Enolate Alkylation Reactions Under Cooperative Lewis Base and Hydrogen-bond Donor (ENANTIOMEAR)
Start date: Apr 15, 2013, End date: Apr 14, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"The reaction between a metal enolate ion and an alkyl halide (or equivalent) electrophile is one of the most useful process for the formation of carbon-carbon bond in organic synthesis. We wish to develop enantioselective metal enolate alkylation reactions under cooperative Lewis base and Hydrogen-bond donor catalysis. The combination of Lewis basic H-bond donor and metal enolate ion to interact cooperatively to both activate and organise the enolate towards the electrophilic component, be it alkyl halide, Michael acceptor or anything else. During this Fellowship we wish to investigate this concept fully with the intention of discovering a new way of generating asymmetry in enolate alkylation reactions through the action of a chiral controller. Not only will these reactions constitute important developments in the field but the product structures are often biologically relevant, thus lending the chemistry to important synthetic applications. Accordingly the design and implementation of a new and broadly applicable methodology to solve the enantioselectivecatalytic alkylation reaction would have a significant impact on organic synthesis and is the focus of this proposal.'"

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