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En europæisk skole.
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Højmeschool means to develop the product we are providing in order to meet the demands of a globalised world with increasing coorperate competition, a strengthened European identity and cooperation of all kinds so that the competences offered to and acquired by the students are in accordance with this. Therefore we need to develop our concept of early foreign language learning and teaching and establish an international profile line, where students can choose to focus on the international dimension through their secondary lowerlevel. In the longer perspective the profile should offer classes through the entire course of school. This means that we need enhance the qualifications of our staff, so they can be an active part of the proces. The enhancement consists of different levels, being both the means of encreasing the staff's European perspective and thereby rooting the international dimension throughout the organisation, but also in terms of acquiring concrete competences, knowledge and experiences. In this project the school leader, the 2 international coordinators and a selection of 8 school staff will be participating. The selection of the staff will firstly contain of the staff connected to teaching foreing languages in the younger classes and secondly the teachers chosen to be in charge of the development of the international profile line in the older classes. The participants of the project will through studying abroad with selected schools of our network from previous projects, courses, jobshadowing, exchanging experiences and knowledge, develop concrete pedagogical and didactic initiatives to encrease the quality of our foreign language learning and teaching and develop the concept to establish an international profile line. We expect that we throughout the organisation will feel an enhanced focus on the international dimension, a strengthened European perspective and eye for the competences and values this perspective brings. We expect our students to experience enhanced learning of foreign languages, an encreased motivation for learning and education because of a greater relation between the knowlegde they acquire and the competences that they actually need in the future. We expect that the parents will feel a greater awareness regarding the students learning from the school and the staff, and thereby an encreased quality of learning. We expect that our organisation will be strengthened in its purpose and its work through this project.
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