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Start date: Jun 30, 2016, End date: Jun 29, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of this project is to give continuity to the one started in 2012 ,named Leonardo Da Vinci at the time; providing the students with the opportunity of having specific mobilities and having the vocational teaching staff involved in the training process as well.Precisely, the project is addressed to vocational training students from IES EL BOHIO ( Secondary Education and Vocational Training School ). It aims to accomplish six mobilities, 2 for pupils who want to become experts in nursery care, 2 for technicians in Emergency Health Care and 2 for Higher Technicians in Computer Network Systems Management. In addition, 4 mobilities for vocational teachers are included in the project for having a job shadowing training program.In order to prepare, settle and start these mobilities, teachers from IT, Health, English, French and Professional Orientation Training departments will work together as a team, counting on the full support and involvement of the management board of the school. Due to the specific features of our vocational studies, the age range of our pupils varies from 17 to 30 years old, so students under 18 may be part of the program. In addition, they come from middle-lower class families so having the possibility of applying for Erasmus + funds will allow them to have access to opportunities that otherwise they would never have. These students will have their internships and work placements, assigned according to their profile; fact which will be certified both by EUROPASS and by workplace training agreements.So as to guarantee a right implementation of these internships, the tutors from the hosting companies will be fully informed about the capacities, skills and competences that our students will have to achieve during their stay. Their tasks will be clearly stated and specified in training agreements, signed by all the parts involved in the process. Needless to say that the hosting company and the tutors in Spain will have a direct and fluent interaction by means of the internet, using tools such as social network sites ( Facebook,...), Moodle, Etwinning and so on.The results and conclusions drawn after the end of the mobilities will be shared by all the members of the teaching community of IES EL BOHIO. Moreover, it will serve as a reference to other institutions located in our region, Región de Murcia. The job shadowing training program will also allow the vocational training teachers to have a deeper knowledge of the companies which host our students during their internships. To make the project have a valuable impact, the mobilities will be shared in the most relevant social networking sites and web pages.These actions will have a great impact on our students since they will be able to improve not only their foreign language skills but also their professional and team ones. Furthermore, the program intends to make our students be familiar with other working environments, lifestyles and cultures from other countries. These experiences will enable them to adapt and cope with unexpected situations which mean a challenge for them and give them tools to sort out problems. Obviously, all these facts will enhance their professional qualification, future employability and entrepreneur spirit. Within the school, students from lower courses will know the possibility of applying for this type of grants. They will, consequently, be highly motivated to study and obtain better grades. It is also important to mention the fact that our school will have an innovative and European projection at local and regional terms.In addition, the job shadowing process of the teaching staff, part of the vocational training department will cause a major involvement in their education, and professional qualification. In fact, the job shadowing training in a foreign country and the way internships are organized abroad lead to high updating, internationalization and modernization of the teachers´ methods of management and work.We strongly believe that in the long run, all the students taking part in this type of programs will be more flexible, competent, creative and self-confident professionals, ready to face new challenges and overcome future difficulties.As far as the teachers´ mobilities are concerned, they will reinforce the ties with the hosting institution (Dax Hospital), achieved with the previous projects. This experience will be also enriching since the students and staff from the French hospital school will have the opportunity of knowing the Spanish National Health System and the way internships take place in our country, so clearly it will be a bilateral rich relationship. The teachers who will participate in the job shadowing program will be those that teach vocational training education and those that are interested and involved in the European perspective of their teaching, having the drive of giving a more European and international orientation to their work and the labor market of their
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