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Empowering Universities to fulfil their Responsibility for Quality Assurance
Start date: 15 Oct 2012,

The project will support universities s in the Western Balkan countries in improving their internal quality assurance (QA) processes and linking them into a comprehensive, all-encompassing system that leads to the enhancement of quality and the creation of a quality culture. The project will focus on extensive capacity building of key institutional actors with regard to quality assurance, through trainings, mentoring and study visits. It would primarily seek to benefit partner universities in Tempus countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo), while also involving experts from other universities, university associations, policy makers, national agencies, as well as producing outputs that will have a much broader impact for all HEIs, in the region or beyond, in the early stages of developing their QA processes.Through a series of training workshops, study visits and international conferences organised for staff of partner universities, the project will encourage exchange of information and experiences among the participants, as well as present them with different models for organising their internal QA processes in line with the ESGs. Acknowledging the diversity of university structures, institutional profiles and external QA requirements, the project will highlight various models rather than offer a one-size-fits-all model. The project will work intensively with a select group of key institutional actors, who form a Quality Assurance Committee (or equivalent) to strengthen their commitment and capacity to develop QA processes and quality culture.Expected outcomes- In-depth knowledge and understanding of trends and best practices in internal QA in Europe - Increased capacity of the partners to foster quality cultures, while fulfilling the requirements of external QA- Institutional action plans and processes for QA- QA manual adapted to the institutional contexts and that of the region- Creation of networks among partners
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