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Empowering the Professionalization of Nurses through Mentorship
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

Nursing, as a profession, varies greatly across Europe. Partly this is a consequence of significant differences in the way nurses are educated. One indicator of nursing development phase is activeness of qualified nurses in supervision process of student nurses during their clinical placements. A crucial factor within all nurse education systems should be the educational relationship between the staff nurse mentor and student. However, such approaches are not universal because the Mentorship model can be moderately unknown; there are already countries where qualified nurses operate quite independently supervising students and also countries where qualified nurses don't join this process at all. This is more caused by cultural tradition than opinions of single individuals. Still the modernisation within European nursing education seeks to address such incongruence, and in so doing, promote an empowered and better educated nursing profession.The EmpNURS project is aimed at benefiting nurse educators and student and qualified nurses. Building on previous work, Mentorship training courses will be facilitated in four moderately new member states within the EU. Each Mentorship course will be specifically geared to the cultural, professional and organizational needs of the participating countries. The anticipated project outcomes are: improved supervision skills of qualified nurses; a homogeneous range of Mentorship models; enhanced integration of education and practice organizations and promote congruity of European nurse education. An impact evaluation of the EmpNURS project will be undertaken using both quantitative and qualitative methods. In particular the evaluation will assess the increased cooperation between health care services and education, and the impact upon the professional empowerment of nurses especially in joining HEIs and hospital organizations. The EmpNURS seeks permanent cultural influences.

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