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Empowering Seniors to take part in Community Life - Qualification Offers for Members of Seniors’ Self-help Groups and Voluntary Initiatives
Start date: Oct 1, 2007,

Recent demographic changes in Europe contribute to an increased risk of social exclusion for senior citizens. Whilst civic engagement is often an attractive option for older persons, participation is usually restricted to those with higher-than-average levels of education, further increasing the risk of isolation amongst those with little or no formal education. To address this phenomenon, the project aimed at developing, testing and implementing learning approaches aimed directly at members of seniors’ self-help groups, and other voluntary initiatives, actively promoting new social incusion and support mechanisms (e.g. personal mentoring) for those working with seniors for whom isololation might be an issue. Key project results centred round a series of action guidelines and regional training manuals and each was presented via local workshops involving both practitioners and relevant decision-makers.
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