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ELSiTO (Empowering Learning for Social Inclusion through Occupation) aimed to contribute to the social inclusion of persons from vulnerable groups (and specifically those with mental health problems) through their participation in economic, social, cultural and civic activities in the community. ELSiTO members (users of mental health services, staff, occupational therapists and occupational therapy students), worked together in a collaborative learning partnership. This ongoing learning process included our own lived experiences of inclusion during the international learning visits, the exploration of good practice in projects and programmes working towards social inclusion, and collecting narratives of experiences of exclusion and inclusion from our members and others involved in related projects. We also organised experiential workshops for students, professionals, service users and the general public where experiences of social exclusion and inclusion could be explored. Through this process we developed an understanding of the nature of social inclusion and of the critical elements in the in-formal learning processes in projects and programmes that may empower social inclusion.The experiences of ELSiTO were disseminated through newsletters, conference presentations, journal articles and also a one day seminar was held towards the end of the project. A booklet has been produced which aims to provide a brief introduction to the activities and outcomes of the project. The project’s website provides further information on the projects activities, full descriptions of programmes and projects and background materials. The website will continue to be updated in the future.

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