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Empowered Teaching for Enhanced Learning
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The seminars we are going to attend offer just the right content we should learn in theory and practice: inclusive education, assessing and evaluation of the children with minor intellectual disabilities as well as those with behaviour difficulties, curriculum design , creating Individual Education Plans, working collaboratively with parents and school community, using the knowledge in our school, using digital tools in teaching, developing teaching and learning material using ICT , understanding the general pedagogical principles of the use of ICT in learning.The aims of the project are following: be able to determine students ' individual needs and appropriate methods of assessment, be able to design curricula as well as individual education plans, mastering different teaching techniques corresponding different individual needs, developing plans for preventing early school leaving, enable learning in a more relaxed way based on up to date principles and techniques, upgrading communication between teachers and parents, creating digital teaching programmes and materials.The applicants are: primary teacher, biology and chemistry teacher, maths teacher and English teacher who are eager to achieve new skills and competences which will be creatively used along with a new ICT knowledge in the process of teaching the pupils with minor intellectual and behavioral difficulties . Since we feel that our competences do not correspond to the special needs of the minority of the pupils in our school and our country does not offer enough seminars on these topics, we apply for this special education. Surrounded by a large number of experts and fellow teachers, the seminars will give us a broader picture on these topics.Learning in a new environment with many colleagues across Europe does not only meet our professional needs and interests, but it also strengthens our competences for social, cultural and emotional cohesions and interactivities.The exchange of information between teachers will strengthen us in applying new teaching methods and techniques.Activities which we have already done and those we are planning to undertake are: establishing the Erasmus+ team via questionnaires, the team meetings where we discussed our educational needs and chose these seminars. On the further meetings we talked about practical organization of the mobilities, contacting and signing the contract with the host institution. During the mobilities we will participate actively and be in the contact with our home institution via eTwinning, phone, e-mail. After each mobility, we are planning to organize presentation and workshop for our fellow teachers , students and parents. Furthermore, we are planning meetings where we are going to exchange information, experience and evaluate the quality of activities.The ways of evaluating will be: questionnaires for the teachers participants ,other teachers and students to see how the project's aims meet the outcomes. We will put photos and short texts about the seminar on the Erasmus+ Corner at school, organize the Project Day . The expected outcomes for the teachers are: improved digital competences by which we are going to create modern teaching materials which will ease the process of acquiring knowledge.;ability tounderstand better pupils' needs as well as understand diversity;ability to design curricula to support all students, ability to draw individual education plan; developing plans for preventing early school leaving. The comparison of school practice stimulates thinking and searching for new ways of solving problems.Learning from each other increases the quality of education in all the schools from which the participants come.Expected outcomes for our fellow teachers: we are going to present new teaching techniques, responding to different individual needs and methods of assessment in the planned workshops.Expected outcomes for students: pupils will be pleased and motivated to learn in a new , interesting way ( since we came to the conclusion that students who use computers for fun are more motivated for studying than those who don't) qualified to lead and organize their learning because they will not be passive listeners any more, but active participants in the classroom, which will give them more self-confidence; they will also able to communicate in a foreign language with their fellow students. They will not only learn foreign languages, civilizations and cultures, but the real life.There will be no cutting classes in large numbers.The whole organization will benefit from this project: it will develop better managing strategies; teachers will acquire more effectiveways of teaching which will add to a more positive atmosphere in the classroom with self confident teachers and students. Our school will be recognized as a modern, dynamic organisation where its development is strategically planned . It will obtain The Europass Mobility and The Certificate of Completion.
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