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Empower and Inspire (Fortalecer y motivar)
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: May 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Service is based on qualitative criteria of EVS charter. KOM 018 as host organization will provide adequate personal, linguistic and task-related support, including the identification of a mentor for the volunteer. All the activities that the volunteer will implement are non-profit activities, a volunteer work, with clearly defined volunteer's tasks and with the clear non-formal education and intercultural dimension. The service will allow a constant contact with the beneficiaries - young people of Nis throughout all the activities and everything that will be done is for the benefit of the beneficiaries. KOM 018 has the policy of equal chances for everyone regardless of their background, so this policy applies to EVS service too. Volunteer will be facilitated to participate in all the steps of EVS training cycle - pre-departure training, on-arrival training, mid-evaluation training and evaluation of activity. Partners on the project will be dully informed about the Activity and agree on its aspects. Visibility, dissemination and publicity measures will be discussed and organized throughout the EVS placement.Finally, volunteer will receive Youthpass as the recognition. Generally speaking about the role and task of the volunteer, he will participate in Dance4Life program - connects inspires and empowers young people through music and dance to take a step forward in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Dance4Life has been implemented since 2008 in a couple of cities in Serbia, and in 2012 it has started in Nis too, with KOM 018 as implementing organization. - Fight against AIDS. There are 4 basic steps in Dance 4 that promote healthy life styles, i.e. fight against AIDS and HIV: Inspiration - people learn through music and dance - through HCT (Heart connection tour) - about what HIV is, as well as the choreography which is the same for the whole world; Education - skills 4 life workshops or peer education workshops; Act4Life - when youngsters go through the first two steps, they become agents of change through the organization of an action, local promotion or by attending the final event on 24th November; CELEBRATION step - every second year a big event party is organized on 24th November where all 33 countries that participate in this program are connected at the same time and are performing the same choreography. We would involve one EVS volunteer in the project. D4L project has a team of 35 people due to the size of the activities. Volunteer will, together with local coordinator, HCT coordinator, skills4life coordinator and act4life coordinator, be responsible for the organization and implementation of the activities – will organize dance workshops and peer education workshops in the local secondary schools, provide logistical support to the educators, create a date base of the participants, support the organization of events in the town such as flash mobs, distribution of condoms, participation in the events such as different sport events, cultural events, parties or festivals where HIV/AIDS prevention can be promoted, and similar events that can involve bigger number of young people in Nis. Important aspect of learning will be intercultural learning because the volunteer will have the placement in an intercultural environment learning generally about Serbian culture, customs, history, language, way of life; at the same time, through work with the youth coming from vulnerable or socially excluded groups volunteer will have the opportunity to learn about their culture, customs, way of life too. Organization team is also culturally mixed, so the mentor will be of Roma origin, while supervisor will be Serbian. Majority population in Nis is Serbian, but there different ethnic communities living here. Almost 10% of Nis population is Roma population. Also, people of Bulgarian, Croats, Bosnian, Macedonian, Yugoslav, Montenegrin origin. Most of population orthodox Christians, but there are people of Catholic, Hebrew and Muslim religion, and in case of hosting a volunteer who practices religion churches, cathedral, synagogue and mosque is available. Multi-ethnic environment as this one will provide a lot of opportunities for intercultural learning. The results of the work programme will be promoted widely by partner organizations in the networks where they are members. Also, local and state institutions that deal with youth and sport will be notified about the results through newsletter that will be created - Ministry of Youth and Sport of Republic of Serbia, local departments for youth and sport, schools and universities etc. Presentations on the local levels will be organized by beneficiaries of the program - to present their experience and what they gained through the project, how valuable it was for them. All the products of the project will further be promoted through organization of additional events. All the video materials will be published in the web sites and social network profiles of the promoters.
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