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''EmploYouth Ability''
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Dec 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Venue of YE ''EmploYouth Ability'' is Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia. Planned dates are from 1 August up to 11 August, partner countries: Sweden, Croatia, Kosovo, Latvia, Macedonia, Malta, Poland, Portugal and Serbia. In total 48 participants from 9 countries. Today in Europe 26.2 million people are unemployed - an increase of more than 9 million people from 2008. This trend has significant economic, political and social consequences for Europe. (Source: ) Youth unemployment (especially youth with fewer opportunity, minority and migrant youth) is one of the most relevant challenges in contemporary Europe. Youth employability is directly related to life independence, which plays a central role in other structural social policies. Young people who have no job, confidence and self-esteem, waste their time, are excluded due to variety of reasons such as poverty, marginalization based on race, religion, sexism, disabilities and similar. The basic idea of the project is active participation of the young people in solving one of their key problems-unemployment. There will be used non formal methods of learning: workshops, brainstorming, facilitated discussions, problem-posing, individual and group work, evaluation questionnaire and learning points, practical activities, exchange of knowledge and experience. Overall aim of the project is building capacities of youth people with fewer opportunity in increasing their employability and career development, contributing to youth access to social rights and to fight exclusion and poverty. Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment. Article 23 - Universal Declaration of Human Rights Objectives of training courses are to: - realise and improve young people's self-image, self-confidence and to validateown capacity, knowledge, experience and skills - help young people find the personal interests, to develop, realise and promote a business idea - empower youth people with fewer opportunity to take active role in the youth policymaking in their own society and future Europe - allow participants to share good practices in the field; - discuss what is the contribution and added value of youth work to ensuring smooth and successful transitions to labour life for young people. - promote the youth mobility through the possibilities that EACEA Programme's offer - foster youth people with fewer opportunity understanding on the main causes and consequences of youth unemployment in Europe and learn how to re-frame it from a human rights perspective - develop the necessary skills and competences of the youth people with fewer opportunity - look at the reality how different European countries fight with youth unemployment, - increase cooperation among NGOs in Europe in the field of youth and employment During the realization of the project activities different methods will be used. By combination and changing different methods, most efficient change of consciousness will be attained which leads to successful adoption of wanted positions and opinions as last results of learning. We will use non-formal way of learning through creative writing activities and learning sessions. This includes: games,ice-breakers,team building exercises, individual and group activities, additive method; demonstrative method; textual method; verbal method; active learning method; method of independent work etc. All participants will have the chance to develop their virtual business, which they will present on the last day in front of the local volunteers, promoting on this way the spirit of self-initiative among young people.
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