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Employment & Entrepreneurship – What Can I do
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Info.We would like to promote entrepreneurship as a key to our better future. The eight days project will show that the fact that I am unemployed depends on my choice. We would like to show to participants what we can do to change our situation and create our future.According to our actions the participants will see how problem of unemployment looks like in other countries in the EU and the world. We would like to show how to write CV and covering letter which can incrase chances to find a job or exchange it for better one.During integration workshops we would like to teach tolerance, break language barrier, show the value of education, promote ideas of Erasmus+ program and teach dialogue between cultures. The participations in this project will allow to improve language skills.Projec targets.The main target of our project is to find a solution how to deal with unemployment problem and show to young people that whatever they have a job or not ,that is depending on them.Our target is also to show to participatns the good and bad points of working in corporation and having own buisiness. We will try to work out between young people the awarness to which form of employment they have bigger predispositions. Our target is also cooperation with diferent NGOs, insitutions and young people themsefl. Trough the common actions we would like to work rezoltuions that will be usefull in the all partner countries. We want to establish cooperation with partners from abroad.Numbers and praticipants profileFor whom? The participants od procejt will be 7 persons from 6 coutreis (Poland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Greece, Croatia) from 18 to 26 years old. Our target are young people that meet problems of unemployment, persons taht would like to enlarge their knowlege about being enterprising, persons that would like to start their own buisiness but they don't know how to begin. Also people who would like to learn how to write their own business plan, which is necessery in self-employment process. We would like to, also, that some of our participants will be familiar with this kind of process, as being self-employed, to share the experience with other.Actions during the project.Itegrational workshops, prezentasions about organizations to cooperate with, workshops that show level of the unemployment in EU and the world, lectures about problems that young people can have after their education and when they want to find job, workshops when we will show how to to write CV and covering letter and we will point the good and bad points of having own buisiness."What Can I do??" - what participatns can do to change their situation, how to improve their competences to find a job in easier way, we will show ,as weel, how to begin their own buisiness. There will be a presentation about "Buisinnes plan", and promotion of Eramsus+ idea, Youthpass, we will create facebook group, intercultural evenings that provide to praticipatns chanes to lern more about other countries in partnership.Methods.Classes, discussions, interacticve games, activities that will break inner bariers and encurage to more engagement in action, gruop discussions, presentations (group, mulitimedia), workshops, idividual work, brain storms, reviews, Open Space debate, World Cafe.RezultsNew projects about entrepreneurship, "the fight against the unemployment", the awareness of the self-worth and the creativity. stronger cooperation between NGOs from different European countries, enlarged knowledge about other cultures, creation od good relations between partners of project, incrase of entrepreneurship and selfesteem of participants, incrase the knowledge about Eramsus+ and other youth programmes.Longterm benefitsThis project will inflict to create and develop cooperation on every cultural fields between partners from whole Europe.
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