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Employability tuning II
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The overall understanding of this EVS project is first to support the local community and the social services. Through this experience the volunteers will get to know different areas (social, environmental and cultural) which might give them the chance to find a direction. The overall aim of this project is, to give young people with fewer opportunities the possibility of a vollunteering professional cultural and personal experience. The whole project and all the activities will be related to the effects of our actions and the power of changing small attitudes. The basic elements of the main activities we will plan to organise are the cultural, environmental and social themes. Regarding the volunteers role during the project they will have the opportunity to participate and learn about the different projects based on this themes that at this moment are developing in Muxia. Environment, culture and social services will be explained and thought as a wider issue. As an important part of the personal development process designed, the volunteers will have time to work on preparing their own micro-project to raise local awareness. This project will involve the local community, what should have the result that the local communtiy will get the European feeling and a better understanding of being an European and the volunteers will have to do some research, they’ll have to design the project and carry out all the logistics involving local partners. The learning experience will be based on establishing a parallelism between the environmental issues they will be working on and the capacity to get control of your own life. Learning about and working on the direct and indirect impacts of human activity on Planet Earth, we will try to discover the actual capacity of one and the power of small changes to make a difference. Despite this is the main idea we will be working directly with this topic, considering a mobility project is a key factor to enable young people more to take responsibility for their lives. They are taken away from their comfort zone but also from their social environment which keeps them tied to constrains based on prejudices because of their background or procedence. One of the biggest challenges of young people is nowadays to find an appropiate employment. This project aims to give young people all theorie and skills as well as practical experience to make sure that the chance of estable employment rises. We will make a special effort to achieve the greatest possible involvement of the community of Muxía. The collaboration and involvement of the local authorities in this project is assured. Young volunteers will integrate with the community through various activities. From the first moment, in Muxía, they will be welcomed with local community, authorities and stakeholders. The project is scheduled to awake great interest of the media. The City Council of Muxía will advertise the project on their website, with many visitors, local and nationwide, for being Muxía a destination of interest. An important impact on the participants is the Increased self-confidence. Arising from the experience of team working with others from different countries, being away from home, participating in physical activities, and planning and organising a an environmental activity will incredible influence the youngsters. The measures of this project will have an impact on participants and their communities, because the whole project will develop their competencies and self-confidence so that they can start to become more active citizens. The skills gained through the project are also likely to enhance their indivdual motivation, interest in education and eventual employment prospects, even though this may be the start of a long term process. They will take a more self-directed approach to personal development, gaining self-confidence and other skills. All project activities will contribute to these outcomes. All activities will be tailored to the profiles of the volunteers, their interests and abilities. They will be accompanied at all times by a professional who will provides them all the support and help they will need. We will provide volunteers all clothing, utensils, they need to carry out the tasks. Importantly, none of the tasks to be performed will require the replacement of any work. At the end of the project, all participants will receive a Youth Pass certificate which validates their learning. The main way of recognising the promoters will be through our huge media coverage, including reports, promotional materials and online and print media. The partnership which we are building with Asociación EDUCERE through this project will lead to a greater multiplying effect and sustainable impact through the follow up activities, which means especially developing more projects of this kind. By the end of the project, they will each have developed more environmental awareness, understanding and tolerance.

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