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EMPLOY: EMPowering Labour Opportunities for Youth
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Feb 29, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The aim of our project was to foster employability of young people in their communities and in Europe, through the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes useful to enter the labour market. As we developed the concept we set up several objectives to be reached throughout our project. - To enhance participants competences on career guidance, counselling, orienteering, and coaching with practical tools - To explore and map platforms, portals, strategies and websites for European job opportunities and the ways to use them to enhance active job search of young people - To develop a network of youth workers and leaders among EU to collect and promote best practices, challenges, ideas, obstacles and policies related with youth employability in Europe - To share and create efficient and creative models for CV creation and undertaking of job interviews - To empower the role of the Erasmus + programme and Non Formal Education as tools to boost the employability and labour market awareness of youngsters in the Mediterranean countries such as EU countries, Turkey, MEDA and the Western Balkans. This project has been designed and developed to be addressed to 30 Youth Worker and Leaders, Youth Activists and those active in youth organizations or dealing with youth matters. The need tackled is the one to receive practical tools useful for career guidance and orienteering, support young people in their entrance in the labour market, and practical success in getting a job. Therefore, the participants are motivated and passionate about being able to act as multiplier for youth to get those skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary to be successful from a professional point of view and included in the economic life of their society. The participants came from different backgrounds and areas of expertise, in order to favour a wider exchange of good practices, ideas and challenges, favouring at the same time values such as interculturalism, tolerance and respect, while developing skills such as teamwork in an intercultural group, critical and creative thinking and problem solving. The local community for sure felt a huge impact, thanks to the presence of a variety of people from different countries, areas and backgrounds. For 8 days the participants were in the town and fostered the contact with the locals, empowering the intercultural learning process. Thanks to the meeting with the local government, also the institutions were affected by the course. During the meeting, the youth workers had the opportunity to know more about the government of the town and about what are local policies and strategies for youth employability, discussing it with different actors (municipality, regional employment agency, association of entrepreneurs). They also had the opportunity to explain how their own institutions work on the field of unemployment, in order to give useful suggestions to improve and develop new local strategies and policies. The information also were uploaded on Dianova's website, so that the impact on the community were much stronger, and we could add visibility and multiply the results of the project. Also, the participants, after the course, will be able to implement new projects influencing and having impact on their society, through the realization of concrete follow-up activities, such as workshops, courses, seminars, conferences, involving youngsters in general, other youth workers, institutions, and so on. The creation of new international projects, in the end of the course, will be the base to build sustainability for our work, trying to go further and make the networking we foresee a reality. After all the discussions and workshops during the days, there will be space to establish new partnerships or strengthen the already existing ones. In this way, the participants will immediately start to put into practice in an effective way the new competences and tools gained during the course. A plus will be represented by the creation of new actions to be undertaken under the Erasmus +, even in different actions, a process that we will strongly encourage, help to realize, monitor constantly, and give support to, wanting to spread the results and multiply them all over Europe in the next future. To empower this idea, we will create a facebook group where they can post their new projects and address further questions and doubts to the team, that will constantly keep looking on this process to avoid that the training will be a one shot event without any new action, that has to be concrete, sustainable and evaluable in the short and long term. On this group, and through dropbox, we will also post all the materials, links, ideas developed during the project, so that eventually they can have easy access on it and eventually give it further dissemination.

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