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Start date: Oct 18, 2010,

Lot 3b is a partnership of 16 European and Palestinian universities, led by the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB). Its aim is to stimulate academic mobility at ali levels and both ways, but especially at PhD level since the project will support the Palestinian universities in setting up doctoral programmes. VUB and most of the European partners have extensive experience in academic cooperation with the !ot3B region through previous editions of the EM-ECW as well as through other cooperations. Developed practices will be shared with the new partners. The consortium represents a geographical spread as well as different types of universities (public, private, general or specialised). From Palestinian & European side, the new partners will strengthen the consortium with new insights. The mobility is arranged according to the partner institutions' needs. Most EU partners are interested in sending out Ba and Ma students for a short period of time. The Palestinian universities have less interest in sending out Ba-mobility, although the requested % is reached. The PhD will benefit from a joint supervision and reinforce local doctoral programmes. Together with staff mobility, the PhD mobility must resuit in a sustainable collaboration between the partners. TG2 institutions will also benefit from the sharing of good practices, since they experience the same needs as TGI institutions. Although no staff mobility is foreseen for TG2, we aim at a large institutional benefit. For TG3, the scholarships wili be granted to refugees residing in Belgium since they often iack financial means to finalize their studies. The European students can expand their knowledge in the political, economic and cultural situation in the Middle East, by accepting the invitation of the Palestinian universities.
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