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Embracing European Cultures Through Healthy Eating Traditions

EMBRACING EUROPEAN CULTURES THROUGH HEALTHY EATING TRADITIONSOur project includes France and Italy the partners, and Turkey, the coordinator. In today’s world, fast food is popular. Many fast food menu items are unhealthy and can lead to obesity. In this project, we will introduce healthy eating traditions via national food of the participants. So, our students will be encouraged to eat healthy traditional food against unhealthy fast food. With the help of this project, our students and teachers will have a chance to make good friendships. They will meet different countries, life styles and people. They will also see and taste different cuisine and learn how to make them.With a cooperation developed by partner schools, the students and the teachers will discover cultural, social and economical varieties. All of these will lead to promoting intercultural dialogue among partner schools. At the end of the project, participants will meet and embrace different European cultures and learn healthy eating traditions.During the project, we will record all the activities and prepare a documentary film about the healthy food. We will print booklets in common languages and share our activities and opinions on the school web-sites.
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