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Embracing and Maintaining PATH through Yourself
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Having disadvantaged students such as having economical problems, having separated parents, staying away from their families,intolerant to different ideas and cultures because of migration of workers is the main cause of our beginning to this project.These factors create conflicts,arguments,disagreements. Also the students have negative attitude against school education because of their families attitude increase these problems.Since we observed that our students are indifferent to social issues and the people in need and different from them, we wanted to improve their ability of empathy and respect and adaptation to living together. According to the survey that we applied in our school, we inferred that some students have sensitivity for people in need or disabled, but they don’t know what to do, how to treat them. Some of our students ignore the disabled and people in need.The activites made in school isn't enough and effective because of short time,being local,no experts of guidance in the school.So, we planned activities to bring together our students and disabled people, people from different cultures.With the activities to be done, participants will know themselves, learn how to communicate in a proper way. By means of learning how to empathy, they will understand and realize how other people feel, think and behave and they will be more tolerant to differences. That disabled people’s participants in activities will increase their taking part in social life and their self-confidence.And other students’ prejuduce will be decreased.Through this project,the improvement and development of solidarity,realising one's own and other's emotions,charity,integration of the disadvantaged people into social life, problem solving skills,having different point of view, interest of making cooperation with different people will actualize. The duties between and during the mobilities will improve the student's ICT skills and practising foreign languages,also.The project targets all students,teachers,staff,parents ,disabled and disadvantaged in every partner school/institution,neighbourhood of partners.With the activities prepared by experts and with the dramas,role plays prepared by students, visits and researches participant students will be able to prevent the conflicts. As the students will take part in assessing activities,project results and evalating process, their sense of responsibility and evaluation skills will be improved and they will be encouraged to make new studies related to this subject.The workshops of the Italian experts and the Socrates' method they use will develop all participants personal development.
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