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Start date: Nov 30, 2010,

By exposing Scientists, Engineers and those working and studying in technology related disciplines to training and work practices in other countries, the project has an overarching aim to develop the entrepreneurial and business skills capacities within these disciplines. Furthermore, the project will equip early career researchers with specialist knowledge in the area of entrepreneurship and provide them with the skills to apply this knowledge directly to a career in research or industry, and to capitalise on the commercial benefits that may accrue from their research. Finally, the project aims to enhance research links between the EU and Western Balkans region, and also to build capacity within WB HEI’s administration, by providing high quality professional development training and opportunities for visits to counterparts in EU HEIs One of the big problems of the Western Balkans is a growing perception of isolation from E.U. This isolation of the region fosters misunderstandings and radicalization of the young generation which plays a key role in shaping tomorrow’s society. The fast-growing amount of data in various languages in EU and WB areas together with our societies becoming more and more multilingual ask for better tools and a greater understanding to work across boarders, across cultures and across languages, in an effective and entrepreneurial manner. This ability in turn benefits students of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) by providing handy and impressive set of key transferable skills for employment. The applications of entrepreneurial capacity in science, engineering and other technology related domains, such as computer science or biotechnology, are many but remained largely unstructured. It is the aim of this project to address the entrepreneurial, management cultural and technological aspects of these challenges as well as to train the next generation of specialists of these domains and their interfaces.

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