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Elos: Study and work with Europe Competence

The project intends to disseminate and exploit the outputs of the former Comenius 3network ‘Elos’ (Europe as a Learning Environment in Schools, 2005-2008). ThisNetwork concentrated on secondary education in 11 European regions/countries. Theproposed two-year project ‘Elos: Study and Work with Europe Competence’ aims attransversal cooperation with vocational and higher education in 16 countries. Theproposal addresses the European reform areas competence based learning, recognitionof qualifications and competences, and high quality pathways, with a thematic focus onEuropean and International Orientation in curriculum and mobility schemes. Targetaudiences are learners (and their parents), educators and trainers, management andpolicy-makers. The consortium will use its existing links to regional/national andEuropean key players, while also expanding into the world of work and formalizing itsstructure in a legal entity. Focal points are the ‘Framework for Europe Competence’, aguiding tool that defines indicators for the learning achievements of students, based onthe European key competences (in line with the Lisbon Strategy and the Education andTraining 2010 Work Programme), and a jointly developed ‘School Standard’. Theseoutputs will be disseminated and multiplied among schools in secondary, vocational andhigher education that make use of LLP programmes, with the support of key actors.They provide a structure for schools to deepen and embed incidental mobility in asustainable school programme. The ‘Framework’ will be mainstreamed by linking it tothe European tool ‘Europass’ (specifically the mobility supplement). Representativesfrom the world of work and vocational and tertiary institutions will contribute to a revisedversion that includes transversal key competences such as entrepreneurship, enables acontinuous learning line and starts to gain recognition across the educational sectorsand in the work place. Students benefit in their lifelong learning pathway from asupplement that states their Europe Competence in a clear and recognizable way.Other outputs will be adapted as well, including country profiles that highlight the partnercountries’ achievements in embedding a European and International Orientation in theireducational structures. Publicity will be reached through a website(, email newsletters, direct mailings, meetings, representationat conferences and exhibitions of third parties, and the communication channels ofregional, national and European networks that cooperate with the consortium. Anexternal evaluator will support analyses and ensure adequate monitoring andevaluation.
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