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Elos - education stretching borders: Quality review & recognition at policy level
Start date: 01 Dec 2011,

In many countries that participate in Elos - education stretching borders, there is a need for a thorough quality review process combined with recognition at policy level, in order to assure viability and support for national Elos networks in the future. Until now, Elos has created the CFEC, the school standard and many other common tools such as two Europass sub-supplements, with which the national networks are equipped and are ready to work with; all countries have agreed to these common instruments and the principles stated therein. Again, Elos needs to step up to the next level of a solid quality review to guarantee further development of Elos into a quality label which is recognized and validated at policy level and that offers an added value for students when they move on to higher (professional) education and/or the world of work. Elos fits many of the priorities of the ET 2020 policy (such as entrepreneurship and learning to learn, which are incorporated in the CFEC) and with its inclusive international learning route it perfectly fits the objectives of the Life Long Learning Programme. With a thorough quality assurance procedure and recognition with policy makers Elos will provide an ongoing international learning route. Elos is a learning concept for secondary education. Interlinkage with tertiary education (partly already realized, partly to be addressed by a network application by tertiary education and research institutions in 2012) and primary education (piloted from September 2010 onwards and adressed by a network application in March 2011).
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