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ELF – E-Learning Facilitators: analyses of their different roles within different e-learning methodologies and approaches

There are many ways to play tutor`s roles, but there are not many studies about tutor roles and their relations between e-learning methodologies and approaches. The main objective of the project is the development of a systematic approach to the VET of tutors on line (TOL), based on investigations into the individual training needs. Specific aim of this project is the development of innovative and flexible instruments for the improvement of quality in training. Further special objectives are, among others, the comparison of the different profiles of TOL, the identification of the professional competences and the best training methods. Primary target groups are professionals in VET and ODL, especially TOL, and persons planning to work in this sector. Secondary target groups are defined as teachers, planners, organising professionals, scientists and related professions occupied with e-learning. The potential users will be public and private organisations of VET courses generally and ODL, stakeholders and professional institutions, and training institutes. Main activities will be the development of a methodological grid, the analysis of the partners ODL courses and TOL training measures, testing the results and evaluation and adaptation of the results. The main results are (online and in print, mainly in IT and EN): (1) Guidelines for the methodological approach of TOL training, (2) a dossier about the different competences needed, (3) a glossary of key words defining the TOL role, (4) a pilot training and a training on the job for valorisation purposes. The multiplayer and transnational networks of the partnership will be an important instrument for the valorisation of the project as well as other measures, e.g. publications, meetings, website, etc. The planned impact targets are the development of VET courses and thus the improvement of qualifications of the target groups. In the long term the results of the project will influence the VET practices and systems of the partnership, and consequently, in other European countries.
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