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Elevers mobilitet och pedagogisk kompetensutveckling i ett europeiskt perspektiv.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Anders Ljungstedts Gymnasium has a long experience of internationalization. The school has participated in a number of projects under Leonardo, Comenius, Grundtvig, Athena and Globala skolan. We would like to reinforce the European perspective on vocational training schools and as a part of the process of lifelong learning and globalization. Through staff training abroad and workplacement training in Europe for students we strive for a motivation and an increased interest in the learning and implementation of languages with the intention to enable students to reach a higher level of confidence in using English and find new perspectives on the world around us. For many of our students it is also about improving their skills in Swedish which not is their first language. This will support the idea of active citizenship in Europe equipping learners with skills and attitudes necessary for personal fulfillment and vocational development also gathering the benefits of modern and innovative techniques. The aim of this application Erasmus + KA1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals VET learner and staff mobility is that staff should receive training through staff training abroad and our students an extra dimension to their vocational training by workplacement training in another European country. Staff training abroad becomes part of the school's professional development plan that aims to increase efficiency and get more of our students employable when they finish their training. We aim to decrease the number of students who terminate their studies before completion. By changing the attitude to education through internationalization and insights into the importance of education and lifelong learning, students would be encouraged to fulfill their studies. Students will develop both professionally and socially by having a workplacement training abroad. Staff training abroad will give our teachers an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from other countries and different education systems. The new knowledge and skills our students and colleagues get will hopefully contribute to a better and an attractive school with performance advantages. Participants in the project is staff at the school, for example, teachers, guidance counselors, special education teachers, principals and students in particular years 3. We are looking for staff training abroad for 15 people and workplacement training abroad for 52 students. The aim for the staff training abroad will the participants set together with her/his principal and contact person at the partner school. They shall be guided by the school's professional development plan and aim to improve achievement. Through staff training abroad our teachers meet colleagues in another country and take advantage of new didactic methods. It will be mainly students in year 3 of our professional programs and Second Chance School who will have workplacement training abroad 2-4 weeks. The workplacement will take place on businesses, organizations, schools that our partner schools have contacts with. Students will meet new methods and techniques eg bakery or another form of curriculum in preschool. They will develop both professionally and socially. They also get the opportunity to develop mainly in the English language. We strive to reach harmony in our goals for a sustainable development of our school and society in accordance with other learning institutions in Europe not only on the social level in reference to the multicultural school environment. Furthermore from an environmental perspective we should constantly take a stand to issues of climatic nature and take precautionary measure as to preserving our resources. Equality, social integration, human rights and a sustainable development will lead to a more widened EU-perspective. To achieve a deeper knowledge regarding similarities and differences in educational issues, overall subjects and be given the opportunity of exchanging experience and ideas as well as to develop links with teachers from other European countries. Students can through workplacement training abroad establish contacts with entrepreneurs in Europe that they can use when looking for work. In previous projects, students from ALG have been offering employment after their time at companies abroad. Internationalization should permeate the intercultural education of our school through teachers sharing newly gained competence and learning skills with colleagues. This will benefit our school in a longer term perspective resulting in an enrichment through a greater understanding of different cultures. Our students will achieve better results and gain new skills that will help them in a future profession and more students will probably take the opportunity to have workplacement training in another country and in the future also seek employment in Europe.

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