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Élethosszig tartó tanulás - Tudásra szomjazó nyelvtanárok
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school puts great emphasis on the child-centered approach and atmosphere. Our language teachers, especially those whom we have chosen this year to delegate to a teacher training course abroad (Gergely-Ágh Zsófia and Mandják Gertrúd) are the teachers who prepare our students not only for the B2 level, but also for the C1 level language exams in their lessons. We are very proud of this achievement as it is a great proof of their hard work. They pay attention to form and maintain their students’ positive attitude to learning. They show their students great example for this by training themselves, as they know lifelong learning is inevitable in our world. However, according to our colleagues, this can be very hard at times with a language exam centered teaching approach which is required from them by society. As both of these colleagues experience great pressure on themselves to help their students successfully pass the language exams they wish, they find it very hard to renew their didactic methods, methodology. This is why they have chosen two courses which give them enough support to reach their goal, thus accomplishing their duties in a much more efficient way which is of great importance to our school. In our institution, we aim to improve the efficiency of teaching day by day. The cooperation of students and teachers is the key element in terms of this and the more effective our teachers work, the more the students and the school can benefit from it. The key to our teachers’ effective work is teacher training. The greatest emphasis, as regards language learning-teaching, is put on making our students’ language learning as active and as lifelike and as good, as we can. The two teacher training courses that our school chose, fit our above mentioned goals best. On the one hand, because they both focused on methodology. Both had workshops on topics like how to make the best of a course book, how to create lifelike situations in the classroom that motivate students to communicate in the foreign language. Moreover, working with ICT tools also had a great role, just like creative thinking etc. The greatest advantage, apart from the most important aspect: that both courses were methodological ones, was that due to our applicants' wise choice (they chose homestay accommodation), so they could gain firsthand experience on English and Austrian life, habits, customs, politics, economy, school system which they could pass on to their students thus giving them not only the language knowledge but also that of the culture. Furthermore, Zsófia and Gertrúd had the chance to refresh their language knowledge which was also one of the aims of the applicants. We strongly believe that teacher training of this kind has the highest efficiency and it not only improves the two colleagues who took part in them, but also our community, their colleagues and students and this way our whole school. While preparing for/carrying out the project we accomplished the following: we chose the courses which best fit the goals of the school and that of the applicants as well; we (with the help of the previously chosen project coordinator) contacted the organisers and asked them to send us the official pre-registration for the course. Then, we discussed whatever was needed with the appropriate leaders of the KLIK so that we know when to turn to whom. The participants purchased the required flight tickets, got in touch with their host family, took out an insurance for the duration of the course. After having completed the course, they organized workshops for the teachers’ staff to pass on their newly acquired knowledge, they got in touch again with the members of press (during the previous Comenius partnership excellent relationship was established with the journalists of the local newspaper) to write and publish articles on their account, they presented this as well to the parents and students. All this was a crucial part of the dissemination period. These two colleagues, Gergely-Ágh Zsófia and Mandják Gertrúd, and their participation in these courses are highly supported by the entire leadership of the school. The main duty of our applicants was to learn and acquire as much as they could in the target country, not only in terms of language, but also in terms of methodology. They acted as open-minded, motivated, very well –prepared participants. With their freshly learned methodological skills and abilities we, as a school, expect to be more efficient in teaching languages and preparing our students successfully for the language exams that are ahead of them.
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