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Elektrik Elektronik ve Bilişimde Yeni Teknikler ve Teknolojiler
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In project scope, Erfelek Şehit Özkan Çelikkaya Multi-program High school will carry out the mobilities to abroad in order to take professional training about the subjects on which are agreed in line with the requirements of the students from the departments of Electric and electronics and Information technologies. We proposed this project to meet our students with the consept,"lifelong learning, to gain ability for their self improvement out of the school, to improve their entrepreneurial ability and self confidance, to increase employement by improving their professional skills and to provide qualified personel for related sectors. Meanwhile, We aim to contribute to their cultural accumulation and language skills, accommodation to different cultures, to give a sense of mission in groupworks and to support their democratic behaviours. 44 original and 6 substitude participants will be selected among 11th and 12th grade students from the department of Electric Electronics and Information Technologies according to their success, English Language levels, attitude and behaviours. 22 students from the electric electronic department will take the courses about the subject ,PLC and process contol systems by going to VOS a SS slaboproude elektrotechniky institution in Czech Republic. There is a huge demand for technical personnel with knowledge and skills in this field, because of the common usage of PLC devices and systems. The participants will be able to be employed and build a career by being knowledgeable and becoming skilful about software development, reprogramming and trouble shooting in automotive, plastic, engine, textile, energy, agricultural, food, defense and many other industrial autommatization sectors. 22 students from the Information Technologies department will take the courses about JavaScript in Foyle International in England. The datas of 2014 has been showing that 88 percent of web sites around the world are programmed by JavaScript language. Because of this reson Information sectors intend to employ the IT specialists who have wellgrounded about JavaScript ,therefore they prefer certificate holders about JavaScript with speacial courses or additional trainings. Participants learnt JavaScript at the end of the training programme and by having certificate will be employed easily and priorly prefered by the Information sector. The appropriate ınstitutions has been carefully selected to achieve project's primary purposes. The issues like the quality of institutions, project experiences', their success in teaching methods and technics, the technical competence, social and cultural opportunites of the schools was examined in detail while choosing the hosting partners. Meanwhile, participants from the department of Electric Electronics and Information Technologies will learn about different cultures and expand their worldviews by interacting with different cultures. They will widen their viewpoints and they will be able to look at world from different perspectives and they will be efficient at groupwork by increasing their sense of mission. Their motivaions for their departments will increase when they experience different teaching methods and European technologies.They will be interested about self improvement and they will internalize that education is a lifelong process. Their observations and experiences will enhance their democratic and more tolerant attitudes and behaviours, and they will give incentives other people with these behaviours. While participant's careers are supported by the project, it will improve the quality of management, education of our institutions with the help of the gathered datas and reports of observations. In addition, our institution will gain experience about project management. It will be possible for our institution to manage different projects by itself by gaining experience about the project management and by improving entrepreneurial abilities. All these improvements will increase the demand for our school and it will be more competent.

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