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Elektrik Elektronik Teknolojisi Alanı öğrencilerimiz Avrupa'da PLC stajı yapıyor.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In the age of modern technology that we find difficult to keep up with its speed,importance of industrial automation increasing day by day ; The enterprises that we named Integrated Facility want to produce their products without human touch, rapidly and with minimum error. For this purpose, PLC technology is used in each brand of all the industrial applications done in general purpose control and automation works. When we consider that all of the integrated facilities operating in our country use the PLC technology, we need to reach the use of PLC technology in European standards and we need to increase and improve the knowledge and skill levels of the staff who will use this technology. Our school and our partner schools are located in disadvantaged areas of our province. Our 20 students who are studying on Electrical and Electronics Panelboard Fitting need to inturn in modern and technological enterprises in their own field.. According to 'The Socio - Economic Development Ranking Survey of the Districts',the development index value is below zero in our districts and there are only few businesses to inturn for our students and the technology that is used is far below the European standards. Our goal we want to achieve with our project is; Our students who are studying on the Board Fitting Branch of Electricity-Electronics Area can have the chance to do internship in Europe with this project and ,we want to contribute to the training of skilled technicians who gained professional qualifications that are required in accordance with the scientific and technological development and the needs of the sector. Our needs and issues that we will deal with in this project are as follows: To choose an appropriate PLC device for the system that will be set, To choose the required input and output elements for command and control systems with PLC and to assemble according to the business security standards and connection techniques. Students from disadvantaged schools will be participating in our project; transferring their experience to other students in their schools, they will get them to comprehend that PLC eases the daily lives of people and how much time employees can gain with PLC. The participants of the project are Electrical-Electronics Technology Department students . A group consist of 20 students who studies Electrical and Electronics Technology Department in our schools; By increasing their knowledge and skills in the design issues of automation facilities in industrial enterprises it is thought to make them competent in these matters. Selection criteria of students; to have the responsibility, to be a team player , to be open to innovation, For those participants in our student groups ; due to our students' lack of legal age and not their earlier experience abroad, practical support will be given by the teacher who will accompany the group. To the action runs smoothly , a project management team will be established with local partners. The project contact person chosen by the project team will ensure the coordination of the project team. The participants are required to participate in mobility consciously to create the expected impact of the training and practice that will be given abroad. 20 students of Electrical and Electronic Department Board Assembling and 1 accompanying branch teacher will participate the internship program which will take 3 weeks. There will be practical training on weekdays and branched - related and cultural excursions will be organized at the weekend. During this training and learning mobility the teachers as a guide in the project , and the Project Management Team will observe training to achieve the objectives of the project and will make evaluation questionnaires after training. This Project will enhance our students’ professional capacity gaining better learning performance, increase their employability status , progress and prospects in career planning, increase their self-confidence and personal development , socialize with different cultures and increase the awareness , increase the young people’s awareness of the European project and the EU's values . Our project ; In terms of local and regional; in the acquisition and use of information, skills and qualifications ; personal development is concerned in order to facilitate participation in employment and the European labor market . Dissemination activities will be carried out to use the project results in our district, city and surrounding cities. All of the dissemination activities will be carried out simultaneously in cooperation with partner institutions. The project will be evaluated by a report on the participants' preparatory training before going abroad and the activities they will do abroad and dissemination activities.

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