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Elektrik Elektronik Teknolojisi Alanı Öğrencileri İçin Yurtdışında Staj Uygulamaları
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is a project which includes the students and accompanying teachers from İskenderun Vocational and Technical High School . It is planned to be carried out in 12 months between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017 dates . Our project will be carried out in the United Kingdom with the organization of Interex International College , which is in the body of Ilbey Training International Ltd. , and 20 students, who study at Electrics Electronic Technology field of our school, and 2 accompanying teachers/administrators will join to this project . It is planned that our students to do internship on PLC systems and Microprocessors subjects at Interex International College vocational training institution for 4 weeks between 30th April 2017 and 27th May 2017 dates. Our students will be chosen through an objective assessment procedure by taking into consideration e the academic success, attendance to the school and the positive behaviors. The pedagogical and cultural preparations, vocational and language preparations, which are necessary for them to be able to have a successful internship term, will be made by the experienced teachers in these fields in the observation of our project management team. Within the four weeks of mobility duration by doing internship on PLC systems and Microprocessors subjects , it is expected that our students to improve their vocational knowledge and skills to be able to have qualifications to compete in European Labour Market ; to improve their foreign language competencies; to gain self confidence and entrepreneurship soul; to improve their carrier expectations towards the future. The 4 weeks of internship which will be carried out is going to form the 20 works days of 40 days of internship term, which our students have to complete to be able to graduate from our school. During this mobility duration our students will be accompanied by 2 teachers / administrators who speak English very fluently . For our teachers , apart from accompanying our students, 4 weeks of teaching and job shadowing activities which our teachers will do at hosting school is very important for them to improve their professional knowledge, skills and to experience teaching in a foreign country and sharing knowledge and experiences with their colleagues . Through this project they will have opportunity to teach in a multicultural environment foreign country, to share knowledge and experience with their colleagues in a foreign country and they will improve their professional knowledge, skills and improve their foreign language competencies. Moreover they will improve their professional knowledge and skills by improving their knowledge in PLC systems and Microprocessors , which are very needed in the industry of our region. For the certification of the participants’ activities Europass tools, participation certificates and internship files will be used. For the selection of the accompanying teachers, they will be chosen among the teachers who has been abroad before and has carried out similar activities with the students and who speaks English very fluently. So, by applying an objective assessment methodology we’d like to create a positive synergy among our students and teachers by rewarding the academic success and competency in foreign language. Project management, contracts and agreements will be organized by our project management team. The processes related to logistics, travel, accommodation, insurances, permission, visa and passport issues will be followed by our three teachers who are experienced in these issues. After finishing the mobility activities, dissemination activities will be carried out intended for our students, teachers , parents of our students and also for the other schools and institutions in our region. The foreseen results and impacts of our project are to have students, who are well trained in PLC systems and Microprocessors subjects , who speak foreign language, love his/her profession, who are open to improvement, aware of cultural differences, competent, entrepreneur, self competent, and equipped with the qualifications for competing in European Labor Market ; to provide contribution for being given a more qualified vocational training. To improve the qualifications of our teachers and students, to provide contribution for improving the quaility of vocational education and training at our school, to provide contribution for decreasing the number of early school leavings and to make sustainable joining to the EU projects and to move our school to a more respected possition among its counterparts ; are of the long term profits of our project. Before and after the mobility of our students they will be taken in exams in PLC systems, Microprocessors and foreign language (English) subjects. So it will be evaluated how succesful are the project objectives achieved.

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