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Elektrik-Elektronik Teknolojileri Alanı Öğrencilerinin Avrupa Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project ,named ‘Electricity and Electronics Technologies Deparment Students’ Europe Internship’,has been prepared in the coordination of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School and with the partnerships of Akdağmadeni Vocational and Technical High School,Kaynarca Seyfettin Selim Vocational and Technical High School,and Yerköy Vocational and Technical High School. Our receptor partners are the schools ‘’Praktiska Sodertalje’’ and ‘’Thorengruppen AB’’ from Stockholms,Sweden. The aim of the preparation of our Project:The electric energy is widely used day after day.The protection precautions we will take will lengthen the life of the electric network and the electrical machines we will use,and decrease the probable accidents.The grounding systems are the most important ones we will establish for the safety towards electricity.The aim of the grounding is to provide electricial receptor users’ life safety and prevent the devices from being damaged.Grounding is a legal necessity in our country.By means of the grounding systems,the escape stream on the device and the static electric will flow through the land.If there is not any grounding or if it does not have the requireded standarts,when we touch the device,the electrical energy will flow through the land directly from the human body.This may result in the serious damage with the possibility of reaching to the death and thus there are many sample events seen in our country.In order to save ourselves and our devices from the harmful effects of the electrical current,the grounding systems have to be established by the qualified professionals appropriate for the required standarts and regulations.In our schools,the students have not opportunities to get adequate knowledge.Our Project has been prepared because there is too much density on avaliable labour force, a few qualified employees in the field of grounding,and there is a need to raise elligible professionals because it interests all the human beings. The main purpose of our Project is to contribute positively to coach participants of the Electricity-Electronics Department to make them have national and international standardized vocational proficiencies in the field of grounding systems which the sector requires,have the innovative technological euipments,accord to the scientific and technological developments,have high knowledge and skill level,become productive,and employed individuals.Additionally,we aim our particiants to benefit from employment facilities having socio-economically better conditions by using Europass Language Passport,Europas CV,Europass Mobility,and Europass Certificate Supplements. Our students will be composed of sixty students from the 11th and 12th grade students of The Electricity and Electronics Technologies Department. Our Project will offer our participants two-week education/internship in Stockholms,Sweden between the dates 61st-14th May 2016 and 15th May-28th May 2016 in two levels in groups consisting of thirty people.It will positively contribute to our students to make them develop professionally,develop their self-confidence,meet the Europe Culture,learn the Europe mutual values,become multi-lingual,work colloboratively in multi-cultured environment,and develop their foreign language skills. The usage of the electric energy grows up day after day.It is definitely needed energy so as to make the lightning devices work,fulfill our heating necessity,and utilize elevators,etc.Our schools will improve their institutional capacities and the quality of the vocational education served in the schools will improve by taking place in an international Project.The recent knowledge,skills and technics will be integrated to the index of the education performed in our schools,and thus our schools will grow suitable students for the requirements of the sector and they will be preferred as they will become elligible vocational high schools. There will be given special severity to the dissemination activities in order to provide the continuance of our Project,raise the visibility,widen the area of influence,make more people and institutes benefit from the Project outcomes, instigate to make the acquired proficiencies be performed in our alike schools who have same activities,and be a role model for the other schools to encourage them positively.Thus Europ Quality and applications will be felt on more individuals and institutes,and there will be provided individuals’ and the institutes’ positive contribution to form the Europe of the future.
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