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Start date: Sep 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project under the coordinator of our school is a consortium one which is composed of the partnership of Antalya Yusuf Önertöy Multiple Programme Anatolian High School and Antalya Elmalı Occupational Education Center. Our project involves mobility of 15 students and 1 companion from every school in the field of electric-electronic technologies of electric systems and panel monitoring which is totally 45 students and 3 companions to Portugal,Czech Republic and Romania. Electric-electronic technology is the second favorite field among the preferences of vocational high schools. Therefore, competitiveness is too high in employment. This increase the significance of employee who can present practical solutions, innovations and improve occupational knowledge. Particularly the people who can transfer theoretical knowledge to professional field in computer technology are preferred at the top in employment. Nowadays, applications such as energy distribution and device controls are made over the panels which is improved and designed according to needs in facilities of industrial, health, education and so on. Hence computer-aided solutions is inevitable, which technology requires. Our students can improve themselves by advanced computer-aided professional applications in digital media together with school lessons in traditional methods. Our students who can take advanced education in installment and panel design by computer-aided production can have the opportunity to specialize in their fields in addition to installment and panel education that they took and they will take. At the same time, they improve their professional self-esteem by personal design studies. It is aimed that employment chance of our students who can have professional education in EU standards increase in both national and international area. General expectations of our project in our students’ favor as follows: *development of electric installment and panel design skills in computer which is related to our students’ professional fields and gaining the habit of producing innovative and practical solutions, *Following the mobility, keeping our students ahead by certifying the education which they receive *Providing our students to continue their education and professional process by increasing their excitement *Providing applications in EU standards popular *Contributing our student’ personal development and providing and enhancing their social awareness by introducing them to different cultures. *Improving our students’ communication skills by language education and raising the importance of professional language knowledge *Extending and strengthening institutional capacity and international relations of our school in order to be a homeowner and do similar projects The sectors which innovative technologies are applied are one step ahead. Application area of these technologies are expanding in our developing country. As one of the preference reasons of the sector in employment, our students can meet the personnel requirements which are integrated with technology. By this way, they will be one step ahead of their competitors in study process. Moreover, they will turn this into an opportunity in their individual career. Our project execution commission will evaluate the project by activities such as questionnaire, meeting, exam etc. and prepare a result report. This report make the local widespread by mass media, seminar, conference etc. in sectoral and national area. Students, teachers, school administrators and also many agencies and institutions realize the significance of EU projects in social and professional life by this project. Furthermore, they will be interested in preparation of EU projects. Thereby, the aim of extending our project will realize. Foreign language knowledge in their lecture notes, increase in communication skills and interest to the occupation will be evaluated as a short-term success. Continuity of student’s education in college or/and university, being employed in a short time after graduation and positive developments in educational tools and applications in our field will be evaluated as a long-term success. Additionally, convenience of professional applications in the agencies and institutions which our students are employed with the education which students take in Erasmus+ project will be considered as the basic success.

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