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Electronic Response of Single Inorganic Nanowires (ERESIN)
Start date: 01 Nov 2008, End date: 31 Oct 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Nanoscale integrated electronics requires building blocks with controlled functional properties. In the continuous strive towards higher integration density, an alternative way of connecting transistors inside a chip is needed. Tertiary inorganic nanowires made up of molybdenum, sulphur and iodine (MoSI) provide a straightforward, scalable synthesis and easy dispersability in a variety of solvents without functionalisation or surfactants. Their connectivity to gold nanoparticles enables self-assembly of networks. To date, their conductivity is limited by energy disorder and defects. This process aims at improving the material by investigating the origin of disorder and defects. To this end, both the basic electrical characterisation as well as the study of the electronic relaxation dynamics via femtosecond spectroscopy will be performed with a spatial resolution down to the individual nanowire. Defects in isolated small nanowire bundles, single nanowires, and networks will be identified with conductive atomic force microscopy. Femtosecond pump-probe spectroscopy using a confocal microscope will be performed on the same samples in order to study the electronic processes of individual nanowires and how they change in the presence of defects and nanoparticle junctions."
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