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Electrolytic Water Disinfection and Recycling System in Greenhouses for Water and Fertiliser Saving and Better Hygienic Security (E-GREENWATER)
Start date: Aug 1, 2012, End date: Jan 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

e-GreenWater is the electrolytic disinfected and recycled process water in greenhouses. Its unique innovation is the electrolysis of the water itself without addition of salt or chemicals. The unique selling propositions (USP) of e-GreenWater are(1) Patents and expertise of chemical free disinfection, better for the plants, roots and leaves, (2) its high efficiency against resistant microorganisms, (3) its eco-friendly way of water treatment through recycling of process water and saving of fertilizers;(4) it’s very low energy consumption,(5) its reasonable prices. EHEC and numerous reports of resistant germs in vegetables show the necessity to improve the hygienic quality in the food industry, especially in greenhouses is the hygienic security sensitive and important. The customary chemical disinfectants or treatment using UV or heating are not effective enough against such resistant microorganisms. Major achievements of e-GreenWater will be: A chemical-free food safety solution; Effective inactivation of germs, virus and fungi which are resistant against customary chemicals; Better tolerance of roots and leaves which are sensitive to chemical disinfectants or biocides; Saving one third of fertilisers through reuse of nutrients in recycled process water after effective elimination of pathogenic germs; Wastewater free greenhouses (meeting the EU law until 2020); Replacement of aggressive and polluting chemical disinfectants (biocides); Market success through high benefits but competitive prices.To overcome the main market barrier (certificates) the envisaged work programme includes the installation of 15 e-GreenWater systems for 3 main kinds of crops (e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers) in 5 EU target countries (the Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium). Based on these references, certificates which are necessary for the market replication in the countries will be applied. Business plan based on the USPs and marketing actions will be made.

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