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Electrical engineers vocational education transparency
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

The freedom of movement and the mutual recognition of initial VET learning outcomes in the electrical engineering sector is not yet developed and suffer from a series of barriers hindering the workers of the sector to move and to have their VET credits recognised outside their national borders. This aspect is also limiting the strength of the European professionals face to the global competition in the sector.Our project wants to overcome this problem by creating a European system of recognition and transfer of the learning VET outcomes in the civil and industrial construction sector. Specific objectives:- Improved transparency of the initial VET titles within the ECVET framework- Improved mobility of the professionals of the sector- Mutual recognition of the learning outcomes, both acquired in formal and non-formal training path- Setting up of standard quality indicators to grant transferable VET learning credits at national and European level- Reinforced cooperation between companies, social partners and educational organisation in the elaboration of the training paths and in lifelong learning- Improved links with working life and environments in order to make VET more responsive to the labour market needs- Modernisation of the VET profile of the workers of the electrical engineering sector through integration of a set of soft skills (team working, languages, communication, leadership, etc.)Main outputs will be:- a framework for the transnational transfer and recognition of VET credits- testing of the framework on three existing VET courses (total trainees: 60)- Focus group for the consultation of the stakeholders and experts during the creation of the framework and successive revision- integration of the framework in the ECVET points- a handbook for trainersThe partnership is composed of 8 partners from 6 EU countries.

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