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elearning environment for disable learners

Some specific analysis in Poland highlighted that the highest number of people with disabilities is employed in agriculture, hunting and forestry as well as in manufacturing (respectively 30% and 19% of all employed people with disabilities). The main reason that justifies this situation is due to low levels of education and inadequate vocational qualifications.In that case created e-learning platform in eFESTO project broke a barrier inside the deaf people world.On e-learning platform prepared in the project specific Learning Objects (courses) were put inside in the different levels of knowledge. Moreover direct and indirect aims of the eFESTO project were achieved by transfering and adapting existing e-learning platform and training modules from previous projects which were implemented in Italy (projects previously funded by the Ministry of Education in Italy); other achieved goal of the project was the creation of the distance learning environment, in order to help deaf people acquire skills and competencies to perform the work desired to the market roles and occupations; eFESTO project focused on LA.DI.RE and PSELDA projects which have been transferred to the environment of polish deaf people conditions; in fact it was additional development of a new didactic methodology specified for deaf learners and workers based on interactions, video of National and International Sign Languages and based on dinamic subtitles;it was the adaptation of theoretical courses, and the development on new one, regarding the specific needs of deaf learners and workers; adaptation of already existed practical course and developed specific components to it for deaf workers; via a dedicated eFESTO e-learning platform, project unlocked another doors for deaf people, tried to understand their situation and helped in communication.

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