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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Oct 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In France, according to the INSEE, the number of people over 60 will increase by more than 10.4 million between 2007 and 2060. It is estimated that 6-7% of people over 60 lose their autonomy. Furthermore, the life expectancy of people with disabilities tends to get closer to the one of the general population.This French demographic study is totally transposable in the countries of the other partners, the consequences of aging are identical in each of the partner countries.This shows that the increase in the elderly population and in the population with disabilities will cause problems in terms of hosting institutions. The objective of the ALTERNATIVE project is to develop the skills of caregivers and foster families and to professionalize them. Today caregivers and foster families are not or poorly trained in our four countries. In Belgium as in Italy there is no real existing training for them. In Spain this hosting possibility hardly exists. So this project aims at building for caregivers and foster family persons a qualifying initial training, which could become certifying with the standards of a state diploma.Now, an elderly person or a person with disabilities living in his own family or in a family paid for this is the hosting modality in which abuse or mistreatment is the most frequent (source ALMA association against the abuse of older persons).The lack of a real training and therefore of a good knowledge of the origins of handicap and of which postures to adopt, can only generate fear, misunderstanding, and then mistreatment; and sometimes, too often, violence.In all cases, there is pain, both for those who are welcomed and for the caregivers and foster families. ADES, AVIA, SUSA and ALTÉA are training centers; ADES and AVIQ have particularly strong expertise in the field of training engineering in many trades related to social work. CEIS will be an important contributor especially in the experimental phase, given the originality of their work.AVIQ, ALTÉA and CEIS are field organisations, already working in the support and accompaniment of the elderly and / or disabled. CEDIS and KOINE also have contacts with caregivers and foster family persons and will also mobilize to constitute the committees of valorisation and for the experimentation of the training.Concerning the "final" beneficiaries of our project, all partners except ADES have links or services dedicated to elderly or disabled people.Finally, CEDIS and ADES in France, AVIQ in Belgium, CEIS in Italy and ALTEA EUROPE in Spain have links with the public authorities in charge of health and social policies, which are organisations that certify foster families in France and in Italy - in Belgium, the AVIQ has this role.The project's operational objectives are to:- Enable caregivers and foster family persons to acquire detailed knowledge of the different types of disabilities and age-related diseases.- To develop professional practices that ensure the well-being and respect for the people accompanied.- To develop the skills of caregivers and foster family persons so as to improve their employability.- To professionalize the function of foster family.We will develop a training course consisting in :- A professional portfolio;- A competency framework;- A training framework.This training will be experimented by a test group composed of caregivers and foster family persons, and will cover 30% of the overall volume of the training, which covers 240h.The valorisation of our project will be led by national committees of valorisation, that will bring together the partners of the concerned, caregivers and foster family persons, as well as organizations and stakeholders to foster care. At the end of 2018, small seminars will be organized in each country to disseminate the final results of ALTERNATIVE.
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