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El puzzle de las Emociones
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Co-ed school Sagrada Familia is located in the centre of Badajoz, with pupils aged 3-18 in four educational stages, from Pre-School, to Baccalaureate. In the academic year 2015-16, 1191 pupils study here and 65 teachers are hired. Our pupils belong to upper-middle class, that is why we have confirmed a high increase in cases of bullying, anxiety and depression among our students, since their parents hold high expectations regarding their marks. This issue creates a high competitive atmosphere that is reflected in the classes. To channel our pupil´s interests, the following projects are taking place at school; Annual Project on Robotics, Programming and Assembling of Legos, TEENEMPRENDE, Project which aims to foster enterpreneurship by creating a youngsters association; EUROESCOLA, Project intending to promote the importance of the European Union. Official Cambridge Examiner Centre in association with BEDA Project”; Meet English “Linguistic & cultural inmersion in Ireland”; on-line magazine in collaboration with the Science Faculty in UEX; Solidarity Workshop (NGO organized by the Servants of Saint Joseph); Digital Library Project; Odyssey 2016 Project, to divulge and value classical language and culture, Children´s choir, since 1999. As for ICTs, our school is endowed with technological resources, and we have good technical knowledge. Thus, our objectives are the following: To generate our own systems to detect, prevent and solve conflicts at school, to train the staff to handle such situations by using techniques and tools related to emotional education, conflict management and mindfulness, to divulge the knowledge adquired by the trained teachers to the rest of the staff and to the other 22 schools belonging to the Catholic Education Institution, through the programme “Good Practice Interchanges” and the school app “Educamos”; to collaborate with the Teachers Continuing Professional Development Centre by teaching courses and workshops, to include those knowledge items adquired after our training into the School Educational Proyect, and the school regulations concerning misbehaviour. Finally the school pursues to join Emotinal Intelligence Extremenian Schools Network, with the help of our School Parents´ Association and their Parents’ Shool workshops. Achieving all these goals will garantee our commitement for excellence since we will be assessed externally by the above mentioned institutions. Thus, the members of the staff taking part in the Project are the following: Headmistress for Primary Education, she also forms part of the Orientation Department, thus, she has an strategic overview as for school improvement. She is applying for Job Shadowing to meet the management of a school where the techniques and tools mentioned in the objectives are already used. Then, she can implement them in our school. English teacher and tutor for Primary Education, Bachelor´s degree in English Philology, he is very experienced in motivating students through emotions and empathy, He is applying for Job Shadowing to be able to meet the emotinal needs of their pupils through teaching practice in a school system which is different from ours. Pre-school, Music and English teacher especialized in emotional intelligence and conflict mediator. She is applying for a teaching period in a school in Poland to carry out some workshops on emotional intelligence, school mediation and violence prevention among youngsters, making good use of the current awareness regarding the Sirian refugees situation. Teacher for Primary and Educational Psychology; English level B2, she is currently researching on how students channel their emotions when working in teams. She is applying for a course named “Behaviour and conflicts, new methodologies motivation and cooperation strategies” proposed by Europass, in Florence. Her aim is to learn tools and strategies which allow our children to achieve emotional literacy. Teacher in Secondary Education, English level C2. She pays special attention to collaborative learning. She has plenty of experience as coordinator in Secondary and tutor for 12 years. She is applying for a course provided by School Education Gateway, named “Conflict Management, Peer Mediation and Emotional Literacy in the Classroom” in Florence. The course is chosen for its practical approach, since it focuses on distinguishing among different forms of bullying, cyberbullying, and other ways of aggression, to provide tools to meet the needs of adolescents thus, promoting a positive environment in Secondary stage. Once our training is completed, it will be assessed according to the following standards: changes in the School Educational Project, questionnaires on mobility of the teachers; assessment reports by the host and formative schools, profiles on social networks, statistics on public events. Finally, assessment on the impact the real users, especially parents and students.
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