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El Pirineo nos une - Les Pyrénées nous unit
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

United by the Pyrenees - Les Pyrénées nous unit - PNU is a bilateral project, which takes place in two schools in Spain (Benasque) and France (Saint Béat), both linked with rural service sector economies, in mountain areas. It´s aims are to develop, implement and evaluate an educational exchange program for learning Spanish and French, focusing on language integrated contents (EMILE / CLIL). It is designed for the first two years of the educational levels of the two countries (1 and 2 º ESO ES, 5ème and 4ème Collège in FR), that´s to say, for boys and girls aged 12 to 14 who want to learn French or Spanish while continuing their schooling processes for periods of 12 days. The project involves the entire school. Teaching resources, such as teaching units of competencies developed in both languages, will be created. There are nine curriculum subjects (eight subjects and a unit that includes the rest of the materials), and the objectives are developed and synchronized to other elements of the curriculum. A school organization plan is designed in order to make everything work: the organization of the reception, educational timetable, and teachers involved in each activity, the activities to be developed, resources ... and a host plan, since there are many things to take into account when developing such activities. The expected result is to improve the student´s learning process of both languages, to motivate them and to enable them to know other countries. The tool for this is a solid and formal plan between centers, with all the resources necessary to be a major element of school management, no matter the eventual changes of teachers involved. It is expected, therefore, that in the future, exchanges will continue and will be perfected; that students and their families will consider these projects as a motivating opportunity. The development of the exchange program has produced important results in terms of improving the educational skills of the professionals involved: in the use of platforms for collaborative work, in the learning of the target language, in the teamwork between different subjects, etc. The materials, the host plan and the school organization elaborated, will allow exchanges of 12 days, focusing on EMILE / CLIL, and common curriculum contents between two schools with students aged between 12-14 years old, in France or Spain. The host plan and school organization are transferable to other centers interested in school exchanges, especially in rural areas.
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