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Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. Context The CIFP Hesperides is located near the port of Cartagena, in the fishing village of Santa Lucia, between marginal areas of Lo Campano and Los Mateos. Students corresponds to an average - low level of social stratum economic and cultural, and has a high dropout rate that needs to be addressed. • The port of Cartagena supports an increased transit vessels activity that implies crew, agents, officials, supplies and stores, etc.. • Fisheries activity is great important, this being a vital for sustainable growth that enables economic growth that makes efficient use of resources, greener and competitive sector. • The revival of the economy should be treated with an innovative perspective that must be translated into products and services that create growth and jobs. • Increasing need for technical specialists in new technologies. 2. Number and profile of participants The project involves the entire CIFP Hesperides. • Social Council and Teachers who encourage their unanimous support to the implementation of the project. This is the time motivating source for innovation in teaching. • Students, who receive a strong motivation transmitted by the innovative training cetre spirit and see strengthened their European spirit. Participants in the mobilities are divided into two groups: • Pupils in vocational training: aimed at second-year intermediate level of VET, aged between 16 and 50 years. Will be conducted as part of the module in the Workplace Training. • CIFP Hespérides staff. Mobilities of six students and 5 staff PFIC Hesperides are made. About students mobilities: • 2 three months aboard the training ship Norwegian Statsraad Lehmkuhl. • 2 one month aboard the training ship Norwegian Statsraad Lehmkuhl. • 2 of a month at the Bergen Maritime Skole Videregående On board the training ship our students are part of the crew. Collaborate in the training of the "trainees" while receiving specific training of ship officers in tasks in this project point E1. Computing students take part in the mobilities in Videregående Bergen Maritime Skole. Develop learning outcomes of the cycle. They collaborate with teachers in computer equipment maintenance. About mobilities of staff: • 3 are to be made to increase participants language skills. The host partner is one of the two language schools in Dublin, as available. This training is vital to the CIFP Hesperides. During 2014 - 2015, because of the forced adaptation to the LOE curriculum, some modules have to be taught in English. • 2 in the Bergen Maritime Skole Videregående. During development, teaching methodology in the maritime area will be observed analyzing possible adaptation to it use in the CIFP Hesperides. 4. Methodology. It has attempted to give the project a markedly inclusiveness through the collaboration of all groups involved. The experience of European projects that have participated provided with the necessary tools, through an iterative process of improvement, identify strengths and weaknesses of our center. These are reflected in the desired objectives. 4. Description of results and expected impact The expected results are: • R I. - Open Europe range of job opportunities to the youth of very disadvantaged. • R II -. Increase motivation of all students and teachers from generating in them the need to increase the professional and linguistic skills. • R III -. Improving employability • R IV -. Improving language skills The expected impact is: • I I. - Increased knowledge and experience. • I II -. Increased skills • I III -. Improving Cultural Awareness • I IV -. Improving language skills. 6. Potential long-term benefits. 1. Increase local and regional interest from prospective students training in our center, contributing to a decrease in the dropout rate. 2. Increase the level of knowledge of the capabilities of our students by companies, decreasing unemployment rate among them. 3. National recognition of our center so as to facilitate collaboration and partnerships with other centers. 4. Increase our European network of collaborating partners ensuring the participation of our students in future projects. 5. Create new opportunities for labor mobility of our students in Europe and beyond.
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