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El cine, espacio de encuentro
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of the project, “Cinema, meeting point”, already suggests that the main goal of our project is to create a place for cultural and social development at all levels: a) cross-cultural experiences among three closely related countries (Spain, France, and Italy), each one with its own characteristics; b) language exchange of three different languages; c) artistic immersion in which cinema is conceived as a Fine Art; d) fostering a space of intergenerational encounters. The project is aimed to engage students as well as their families; e) establishing a co-operation framework between educational institutions such as High Schools, and local institutions such as City Councils and Cultural Centres. The project draws on the Spanish High School Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, a centre of around 800 students in Algete, a town 25 km distance from Madrid. Its small size, as well as limited public transport in the area, constitutes a barrier to access movie theaters and therefore to promote a passion for cinema among students. Furthermore, given these difficulties, local teenagers' filmgoing habits are constrained to mainstream cinema, most typically from the USA. Consequently, we raised the need of our students for becoming acquainted with the existence of European cinema of extraordinary quality. To a greater or lesser extent, the same context can be found in the Italian Centre Liceo Botta of Ivrea. This town of 25.000 inhabitants in the Italian Piedmont is situated near the big city of Turin but it suffers from the same disadvantages as Algete. Besides, being a High School with a Spanish Department, we consider that the bonds between students of both centres could become stronger. The context of the third partner in the project, the Cité Scolaire International of Lyon, is quite different. Lyon is not a small town, but one of the biggest cities in France. Nevertheless, the centre meets two suitable requirements for our partnership: it has a Spanish Department and it gives the students the possibility to attend the prestigious film festival of Lyon, the Fesival Lumière. Therefore, Spanish as lingua franca and the shared wish of promoting the access to European cinema would provide a solid basis for the partnership. The aims that we want to achieve with this project are: 1. Development of language skills in a second foreign language, namely Spanish, French and Italian. 2. Reinforcement of language skills while watching movies in their original versions. 3. Artistic approach to the world of cinema. 4. Cross-cultural contact and mutual knowledge through the experience of living with students and families from different countries. 5. Recovery of the role played by highschools in cultural dissemination. The desire to join in the project of all the different members of the educational community (students, teachers and parents), as well as Algete City Council, will help the centre to be known as a cultural reference in the area. 6. Intergenerational approach between parents and children. Involving parents and children in a common project such as cinema will contribute to create a meeting point between two generations that may have difficulty connecting with each other. 7. Development of artistic creation. With this project, we do not only pursue that students approach art as consumers, but also that they approach it as agents, that is to say, being able to create art. The methodology might be summarised in a deep immersion in the world of cinema. To achieve this, we will use the following activities: a) a video-forum organised by the specialised association + que cine; b) carrying out and/or filling fact sheets about movies or European film directors; c) the creation of a short film at the end of the project; d) producing reviews, brief essays and writings about cinema or related subjects e) attending film festivals (Lumière Festival, Alcalá de Henares Short Film Festival, Turin Film Festival...); f) updating film blogs especially created for the project; g) Italian for beginners extracurricular classes... The immediate results are apparent: development of foreign languages skills; personal growth thanks to the contact with other cultures; a more mature and reflexive approach to the world of cinema in general and to European movies in particular; joining parents and children by a shared interest: cinema. The long term benefits will result in building a bridge to future exchanges. Closer links amongst the three centres will open collaborative opportunities in the years to come and the possibility for the students to attend education in any of the three involved countries.
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