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El Chaves cooperativo
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

At Chaves Nogales Secondary School, our main purpose is to give the best of ourselves and to be able to answer our students’ needs. It is much more than preparing a report or developing some statistics.Our ultimate aim is for our students to become autonomous, and in order to do this we feel we need to reaffirm some basic concept. This might result in the design of a working strategic plan which would seek : Project Based Work, paying special attention to both Diversity Outreach and Multilingualism, and Information and Communications Technology (ICT), among others.As a result, after deep self-assessment and reflection on the part of the teaching staff, a relevant training programme for us should take into consideration the following aspects which shape the basis of this project:Classroom cooperative work using ICT and multilingualism., promoting the inclusion of both students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities as well as different learning levels. Project- Based Learning (PBL). Our teaching staff have emphasized the needs related to this field.Training in making CLIL working units which take into account students with learning difficulties using multilingualism.These three areas are based on our teaching aims and they will be basic parts of our PEC (School Educational Project). They will also be specified in our Multilingualism Plan as efficient tools for bilateral communication.Regarding participants’ training needs, we would highlight those related to the way in which other European countries deal with students with learning difficulties and /or disabilities and how they can be more easily integrated within the regular group of students. Further of interest are the ways in which these countries manage and implement Project- based learning and teaching or cooperative work, and finally how they use the ICT in the design of activities and tasks for the students to do in class.In terms of the teachers’ profile, the members participating in in this project have some teaching experiences in other bilingual schools where they have been teaching their non linguistic areas in English. They also have experience in cooperative work, Project-based learning and teaching, use of the ICT in class and attention to Diversity. All the members, however remain committed to furthering their competence in the above fields . This knowledge and experience will be shared with other members of our educational community so that they too can benefit . For that, end we will develop a seminar within the Initial Training set of conferences addressed to the teaching staff, which takes place in our school at the beginning of the academic year. In this way, we will spread and disseminate the newly acquired knowledge derived from this project to the rest of the teachers in our school. The above mentioned set of Conferences will be organized into different sessions, each of them seeking to deal with a different aspect of this project (Multilingualism, Project -based learning and teaching, cooperative work and Inclusivity). In addition, the creation of a blog and a social network profile (Twitter) linked to the school blog will allow us to communicate in an open and extensive way our newly acquired knowledge and experience. To finish, we will also create a Teachers’ work group in the next school year so that we can continue to investigate and learn about the aspects dealt with in this project. At the same time, it will facilitate the inclusion of new teachers who are interested in learning about these dimensions. We would like to extend our field of activity and involve other teachers from our school , and from other institutions, including the Primary schools where most of our pupils come from. In addition, following one of the main school aims in relation to the internationalisation of the teaching practice results, outcomes and experiences derived from carrying out this project will also be disseminated. Our school Department in charge of National and International Plans and Programmes will have a fundamental role in doing so . The new ideas and innovative methodological guidelines learnt during the participants’ mobilities as a result of the international cooperation between the countries involved, will also be incorporated within the general methodological approach followed by our school , as well as the different Syllabuses/Annual didactic programmings.
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