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Εκπαιδεύοντας χωρίς αποκλεισμούς πολίτες της Ευρώπης, πολίτες του κόσμου
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Plan Title: Educating citizens of Europe, citizens of the world.The need for the materialisation of this particular programme stems from the changes taking place in Europe as well as the growing multiculturalism of our school. Our objective is to design the education of active citizens in a multicultural Europe, where everybody is going to live together harmoniously, embracing diversity and viewing it as a challenge and a source of cultural enrichment. Our specific objectives are to plan innovative teaching practices which are going to cater for the new interests of the students as well as the new needs of a multicultural society. Moreover, we intend to design and implement innovative teaching curricula which are going to shape the citizen of the future, always respecting diversity and cultural heritage, to create new educational environments both inside and outside the classroom and, ultimately, to prepare the citizens of tomorrow, the citizens of the world. The activities which we are planning involve attending a structured course alongside with visits to schools and institutes in Finland, Spain, Ireland and Iceland, where, in an experiential way, we will be able to become familiar with other, successful educational models. There, we will have the opportunity to be provided with personalised knowledge about how we could manage the changes taking place in our educational environment; this experience will also help us to comprehend the educational process within the European framework, showing respect to multiculturalism, diversity and cultural heritage of the students. The teachers who are participating in the programme are going to be prepared, having received all the relevant information from the educational institutions which offer the lessons. Moreover, throughout the course, our teachers are going to cooperate closely with all their European colleagues. After the completion of the specialised educational programme, the participant teachers will have developed skills which will enable them to plan the new school environment. More specifically, they are going to be in a position to plan innovative educational activities, to manage multiculturalism, to introduce change and innovation in the educational institution and to provide students with learning incentives so as to improve learning outcomes, thus preparing active citizens. Afterwards, the newly acquired knowledge is going to be applied by our school teachers to the particular teaching context, in a cooperative way. We also intend to collaborate with other teachers, school principals, students and parents, using innovative interventions regarding the school curriculum, methodology, the use of the New Technologies and the cultivation of a multicultural spirit. In addition, the application of this new knowledge is going to be evaluated by our experienced staff, with the use of criteria which are to be co-established by our school teachers and the other European participants using Twinspace. Furthermore, the results of the programme are going to be disseminated promptly on a local, national and international level through press releases, use of the social networks, the European School Radio, the website of our school as well as through educational seminars, both in person and using Twinspace. We also aspire to raise the interest of the authorities as well as sponsors for better results and to further motivate our students, so as to improve learning outcomes.In the long run, we aspire to bring about a change in the educational and learning environment of our school, in order for it to meet the students' needs which are rapidly changing in the contemporary socio-economic environment. Additionally, we seek to improve the quality of the education provided, as well as to modernise the teaching methods, to introduce change and innovation in education, to internationalise the education provided in our school, to create a culture of collaboration and, finally, to "open" our school to society in our students' best interest. Last but not least, we also aspire to truly contribute to a change in the education paradigm in our country.
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