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EKC - European Key Competencies

In line with the Dutch Government's 'employability agenda', this project will set up an international pilot programme to assess and certify key competencies for the lower levels of vocational work. Led by a consortium of Dutch vocational training organisations, the project will interview companies in the partner countries, to analyse the required competence structure of trade union representatives. Three working groups, corresponding to the different vocational levels targeted, will be set up to assess key competencies such as social and communicative skills, organisation skills and learning abilities, with a view to ascertaining level of employability. In the development of the methodology, special attention will be paid to second language speakers. In parallel with the schedule of assessment, IT tools will be developed, which will create a template that can be filled in with the different competence elements. This will be adaptable for use in the native languages of the partners. A web site is being set up to record the progress of the project. The results will be presented at conferences in the various partner countries.
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