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Eight Steps to a Successful and Entertaining Cultural Event
Start date: Jun 15, 2015, End date: Mar 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The ESSENCE project will happen from October 12 to 21, 2015. It will host 28 participants from youth, youth workers, youth organisation members and leaders from Erasmus+ programme countries — Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Turkey and Latvia. The working group noted that modern youth needs knowledge about quality cultural event organization. Youth workers and leaders need additional competences. The aim of the project is to develop the knowledge and practical skills of youth representatives, workers and leaders in the industry of cultural event organization. The tasks to reach the aim are the following: — give a chance to the youth, workers and leaders after finishing the course to prove themselves in the field of event management and organization; — develop the participants' competences in the field of event management: PR, contact establishing, potential partner search, handling technical issues, taking on the responsibility, etc.; — create a learning space for the international participants; — provide the participants with the knowledge about working with the media, social networks, and getting public attention; — introduce the participants to the principles of creating the visual materials for the event; — introduce the participants to the principles of attracting sponsorship, finance organization and keeping the dialogue with the artists; — introduce the participants to the Erasmus+ program as an effective tool to create youth-oriented projects; — give the participants a chance to get the knowledge and experience from the experts of art and culture — an art curator, a festival organizer, etc; — give the participants a chance to organize a real event — a musical concert — using the gained knowledge; — give the youth and workers with limited abilities a chance to join a course and gain the offered benefits. The target audience is youth, youth workers, youth organisation members and leaders who want to prove themselves professionally in the field of cultural event organization. The course is based on informal learning methodology. The methodology is structured in such a way to maximize the learning ability, knowledge sharing and new skills gaining in an informal setting. The participants will be engaged into the learning process through role-playing games, simulations, research and group work. There are planned theoretical lessons, discussions, Q&A sessions, thematic workshops and work in groups which will facilitate the understanding of the topic and knowledge gain. The course includes meetings with culture and art event experts. The end result of the course participants' work will be a finished product — a cultural event, a music show «ESSENCE Concept» which will serve as a platform for bringing the attention of the society to the ESSENCE project, Erasmus+ programme, project partners and as a place for direct interaction with the community. The course participants will get knowledge and experience which are necessary for cultural event organization and will prove themselves worthy in later projects of their own. On the local level the society gets a quality cultural event which is made by the participants. On the national level the project will strengthen the ties between local organizations which participate in the project and they will get extra international projects work and cultural event organization experience. On the international level the project will facilitate the connections and experience exchange between the participant countries, and will give them further motivation to participate in other international projects as well as facilitating the cultural event field growth.

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