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Egyéni tanulási utak megsegítése, blended learning tananyag fejlesztése
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary Grammar School in Budapest has been registered as a Talent Support Centre by the National Talent Support Council since 2010. During the 2015 accreditation process, we were awarded the ACCREDITED EXCELLENT TALENT CENTRE qualification within a local scope by the National Talent Support Council. In our three high priority talent support areas we put emphasis on linguistic, physical-kinesthetic, inter- and intra-personal skills. Having an increased number of lessons in the second languages in our school is a tradition which goes back to decades, our students can either choose a special bilingual course in French or a preparatory course in English and Italian.In September 1985, in order to support the studies of talented pupils in sports, our school was the first to launch a special class for students who were professional sportsmen and sportswomen. This class has been functioning as a public educational sports class ever since. Besides achieving outstanding results in their field of sport, the students attending these classes also excel in their academic studies. What is unique in their curriculum is that they have sports theory and sports history included in their timetable, as well as the psychology of sports and the different branches of sports. There are numerous pupils from the professional sports class who are among the best in their field of sport, and thus face a promising career. These pupils are under pressure due to the burden of performance. This is the reason why one of the main aims of the mobility teacher training programme is to provide new devices when teaching second languages to these pupils. We would like our programme to help gain competences in the development of teaching materials, which would go beyond the frames of second language teaching in the school. By creating text banks connected to sports, we would like to motivate as well as support our students in being able to communicate in English about the most essential areas in sports (e.g. doping, professional sport and lifestyle, sports psychology); pupils would be more willing to get to know a multicultural environment: they would be able to communicate with fellow competitors of various nationalities; they would gain appropriate competence in a foreign language when signing sports contracts to go abroad. The flexible time frame provided to ensure the tasks are executed, as well as the possibility of combining traditional contacts, would enhance individual self-study.We are bent on choosing teacher training courses where the teachers of different subjects create a team which is able to put together a task bank appropriate for supporting individual ways of studying via online platforms. Those taking part in the mobility programme are supported by colleagues experienced in mentoring. What is more, the IT teacher in our team is also experienced in mentoring. The English teaching staff’s innovation expected in their professional work is very much within the scope of the team of teachers taking part in the mobility programme. After all, the framework of the application provides the outset, and more people are certain to be involved when the programme is further developed. In our opinion, in order to achieve the complexity of the programme, and to gain international experience, this mobility programme would be of huge help in building international relations in this field.We plan to achieve the mobilities and application aims within a year. If successful, we would like to extend it to other subjects, first and foremost in the teaching of second languages. The motto of our school is „WE speak 7 languages”, which in fact is true, for we teach 7 second languages, that is, the dissemination is aimed at more than one language within a school environment. Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary School has won numerous prizes overtaking many sports schools. For this reason, the Hungarian Olympic Committee, as well as the National Association of Sports Schools consider our institution as a professional partner. With the support of the above mentioned partnership, we would be glad to disseminate the outcome of the programme to benefit other sports schools.
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