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«Εγώ και Εσύ γινόμαστε Εμείς»
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

In a constantly changing socio-economic, political and cultural environment contemporary schools are required to keep up with a numerous number of changes. Taking into account the specificities of the 25th Primary School of Athens which has a high degree of pupils with special educational needs and pupils from different cultural contexts an essential need to promote inclusive education Development Plan (inclusive education) arose which has for some years now been a target of international social policy and aims at ensuring equal participation for students which exhibit a high risk of exclusion and school failure in the educational process. The recommended innovation was therefore an inclusive education program which is part of a continuous process and relates to systematic changes that aim at the presence and participation of each and every student in the process of contemporary public education. This proposal which targeted on upgrading the quality of content of education while serving alongside its social role is the Development Plan of our school which involved two teachers in collaboration with the Director of the school and the Directors of mainstream and special Education of our area. This Development Plan attempted to fully integrate students of the two classes in second and sixth grade during the specific school year. Therefore the purpose of this educational change was the development of inclusion practices through differentiated teaching which aimed at dealing with diversity as a challenge for learning rather than a problem that needed to be solved.The objectives of the project were to ensure that as a public school we are an organization that provides a qualitative way: • Equal opportunities for all students with a view to their optimal development. • Respect and acceptance of diversity and human rights. • Solidarity and cooperation among all school community members. • Educating with emphasis on the values and principles of democracy and inclusion. Teachers participating in the project were two: the special education teacher and another teacher who is especially sensitive with intercultural education, social and educational exclusion. Key selection criteria of the teachers was their experience in ICT holding, excellent possession of the English language, available for introducing educational innovations. The mood for renewal and cooperation are incentives for continuing, open and lifelong professional development . Necessary adjustments and modifications of the Curriculum, the strategies and methods of teaching and assessing pupils were attempted towards this direction in order to facilitate equal access for all to the Curriculum and increase social interaction with their fellow students and to influence in the long-term the school culture in the direction of accepting diversity and responding to the high rate of special educational needs in our school as an opportunity to enrich learning. Our vision for an inclusive school for all students was required and our suggestion in our Development Plan «I and You become "We"» sought to reduce social and educational inequalities while taking into consideration the social function of school and education through the principles of inclusive practices and social justice. The project had multiple positive effects such as improving the performance of students the positive climate of the ranks and establishing friendly relationships and developing skills of acceptance, cooperation, solidarity among students. Moreover, the implementation of innovative practices in school and even in the context of a structured program the results caused changes throughout the school. Particularly significant was the impact on the mobility of the two participants which resulted in enriching the views and the expansion of their horizons and contributed to their professional development and improvement. Equally important was the result of forming a cooperative relationship.

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