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Start date: Sep 20, 2016, End date: Sep 19, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

PROJECT DESCRIPTION AND BACKGROUND; Consortium member of the Alişen İğde, Delice ,Kirikkale private world and we want to increase our Vocational and Technical High School also be given vocational training in international standards and student employability as sought professional personnel in our industry.This schools of our particular patient and Aged Care Services Area Nursing and Emergency Medical Service Area section in the field of education Grade 12 students need to do their professional internship, lack of adequate equipment and staff with businesses in town centers, will contribute to the professional development of students in existing enterprise-level technological equipment internship with the material and technical equipment makes having insufficient. Students need to develop the training and experience can not provide a positive contribution to the practical outcomes. Therefore, students with theoretical knowledge they receive during education and training path with practical skills sought by industry for failing to consolidate graduated as a qualified professional can not Search person. Naturally, the place of business is at a minimum level of employability.Consortium members who continue to our high schools Grade 12 ,48 students responding to training with the industry expected to be made at European, national and international information, we want to carry out this project which needs the owner's labor market skills and competencies to improve the employability of qualified professional qualified people.Purposes of this project; 1-vocational training to improve the adequacy of our learners and also to provide professional development opportunities abroad 2-quality education and training practices in the EU local and regional to transfer our country 3-yet our students in early education life to gain the skills they need related occupations 4 recognition of different cultures and contributing to the development of EU citizenship consciousness5-our students to provide important reference opportunity to acquire their professional careers 6-students in all fields to promote the quality and education of international quality and provide 7-education and employability of our students by strengthening the cooperation between education and business to increase. 8-raising vocational qualifications and skills of our students in our country and EU countries need to address the needs of the labor market where professional Search. 9-occupation by increasing the use of foreign language skills and enable them to follow the developments.NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS AND PROFILE; Our participants, particularly schools providing education in our county sick and elderly care, education Grade 12 students are in the Emergency Health Services and Nursing Field. Our participants; theoretical education they receive in school, Applied Vocational Training and therefore can not be strengthened thanks to consist of people who can not complete their professional development to respond to the needs of the labor market. Many of our participants are socio-economically disadvantaged children of the family situation. Our participants 12 (students) x 4 flow = 48 students and consists of 4 teachers who will accompany the students.DESCRIPTION OF ACTİVİTY; in 16 daily flow 1) Sick and Elderly Care in the Field is also in the Don Bosco Vocational High school in Budapest Hungary,2) Emergency Medical Services in the Field of Hungary's Budapest in the Janos Bókay Human Bilingual High School in, 3) Nursing the field of vocational training will be held in the Czech Republic in Prague Zdravotnicke Stredni Skola vocational training institutions.METHODOLOGY USED; Our project work program consists of 7 project Preparation Phase: 2.significitaion signing Stage: Preparation of 3. Beneficiary Stage: 4.Flow the Implementation Phase: 5. It's Monitoring and Evaluation Phase: 6.Project the Dissemination of Results of Phase: 7.Result the report prepared UA Submission Phase:PROJECT’s PREDİCTED RESULTS; Our attendants; Professional knowledge and training they do in Europe, increasing their knowledge and competence, open to innovation qualifications needed by the labor market will improve their employability qualified professional qualified people. At the same time participants of our school in our education process in practically learn unable knowledge and eliminating lack of experience of the Applied Professional Practice in the EU, our country, finding the opportunity to reach the level of their counterparts in the European labor market and will contribute to the EU member states to overcome the Vocational December Elaman needs. In summary, this international activity, our office is to increase the professional and pedagogical capacity of students graduating from vocational and technical education, the quality of education in terms of institutionalization will contribute to the improvement and
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