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Start date: 01 Sep 2016, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

For the recent years, not only in our school but also in other schools there have been disagreeable and unfavourable behaviours between students-teachers and teachers-students in general.Besides,parents also have been complaining about depraved social behaviours of their children. These two reasons made us create a project on ‘’ Values Education.’’ The team ouf our project have found out that our students have not been paying enough attention to the values of human acts and social life, such as: helping one another,love, respect, honesty, toleration,justice, cooperation, freedom, modesty, integrity,happiness and responsibility. So, in addition to the programmes, which teachers and formal authorities are supposed to apply, we have decided that we should educate our students, especially secondary school students (11-15 year-old group ) on above mentioned social values.The basic main aims of our Project :1. To prevent the loss of human and moral values that our students are in.2. To educate our students so that they can be equipped with main social and universal virtues in order to make them have healthy personality and lead a life accordingly.3. To make the students gain main human values by means of various programmes.4. To give them opportunity to behave according to the values they have gained .5. To provide both the families and schools practice the gained values in a parallel way.6. To create sensivity for the above mentioned values and help the students to behave according to what they have learned about these values. Ten teachers worked actively in the construction of this project. These ten teachers were chosen for this project because of their skills like seminars they have got, courses they have attended, overseas experiences, their dedicated work about their events. While preparing this Project, our coordinator got in touch with other schools in Europe through E-Twinning Portal and signed Mandate with two European schools ( Heinrich Böll Sekundarschule - Cologne,Germany and Instituto Comprensivo Cena - Cerveteri,Italy ) which have been successful in values education and the success of these schools have been confirmed academically. The reason why we have chosen these schools is that : Moral and Value Education is included in their yearly programme and the parents of the students actively take part in practicing this programme. Besides and in addition to our mobility activities in Europe, we plan to attend a training course in Spain,Barcelona on ‘’ Values Education’’ which is our main aim and desires to learn new methods and technics on universal values. Benefiting from the experience of these schools during mobility activities;1. Tools and methods used to determine the problem2. Evaluation of scientific data3. Solution methods enforced in Europe4. The applicability of the solution method5. The usable tools and methods6. Effective use of social media7. The results of success requirement imposed by the European application and the evaluation of these results. Our approach is to transfer our knowledge we have gained from the training and job shadowings, to our institution/school.In short term;-we aim to solve rapidly the problems of our students' about values education and social communication that we have faced in our schoolIn long term;-we aim to provide integration on democratic values, social harmony and active citizenship.- we aim to spread out those abilities to our province.-towards our succes we would like to reach academic databases.
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