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Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Mar 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project, is called Innovative Teaching Methods in Education, will carry out by Directorate of Education,Tevfik Serdar Anatolia High School,Fatih Sultan Anatolia High School and Konaklar İmam Hatip Anatolia High School.The Project which will be conducted by a joint initiative of 44 teachers is comprised of 4 course activitiesin Belgium,Spain,Poland and Czech Republic.In order to carry out the Project on solid basis and reach the masses as much as possible ;participants will be chosen according to determined criteria and it is taken into account that they should be from different subjects.Participants are aware of the responsibility that they take in theme and position,being Pioneer in their own field in Trabzon.The administrative personel and teachers will share their experiences in their educational zone that they have gained in Belgium,Spain and Checz Republic. The institutional need and reason why we have written this Project is to increase academic achievement by integrating Project based learning and and information Technologies into learning process.In recent years; the necessity of PBL and IT is getting apperant by 21.century education policiy and as a result of local survey anlysis.Hence;the aim of our Project is to tackle education process according to the nature of constructivism and give acceleration to the academic data obtained in result-oriented approach. When we analyze the contents of PBL and IT ;we can see that PBL and IT enable an structered, interactive learning environment both intramurally and extrascholastically for teachers to direct teaching strategies which helps students learn real life-like themes in detail.Besides;we can understand that it is a cyclical teaching method which is developed against knowledge density,comprised of target learning objectives of more than one lesson,focused on basic principles and concepts of one or more than one lesson.Hence;We aim at hindering such kind of model of student; *how to search *tend to plagiarize *lack of interpersonal competences *lack of critical thinkingand intend to contribute to training students who discover the information and ownselves. We would like to contribute to this process by integration of PBL and IT.With the mentioned courses;educators will provide a more freedom classroom environment both themselves and students.A democratic and equaliser classroom environment where different learner types are showed awareness, personality development promotes, real target-oriented exist,knowledge is interiorised,content is functional will be created with these methods. Students within this Project will ; *have learning to learn abilities, *set up their own learning *have creative skills, *determined about their success *try to solve the problems in cooperation, *use the knowledge in more than one field, *Express themselves in social domain, *use technology in a correct way. In the following years;these kind of students will be an active individual who can build his own life. As a result of the mobilities to Spain in February 2017,to Belgium in May 2017, to Checz Republic in October 2017,we aim at reaching as many as teachers to inform them visually,aurally,verbally and interactively.Especially;we would like to build motivation and awareness by informing trainee teachers about PBL and IT at beginning of the semester. Ultimately;we aim at being teachers who can meet the needs of 21. Century and after and contribute it.In this regard;our Project will contribute to giving acceleration to success,quickening the process of internationalization of whole staff and students.
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