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Efla nemendur leikskólans í andlegri, líkamlegri og félagslegri vellíðan
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Heilsuleikskólinn Kór has 6 departments and can house 122 children. The nursery operates partly through a Health policy, where the goal is to increase the childrens' well being and happiness. That is done through nutrition, exercise and artwork in every day routine. The school is also an Eco-school and is working with Directorate of Health. That project is called health-promoting playschool.The nursery's motto is "A healthy mind in a healthy body". Since we operate using a Health Policy and also proud our selves of being an Eco-friendly workplace we emphasize increasing outdoors teaching and helping the children increasing their physical awareness by using the environment around us. The grant that we're applying for would be used to strengthen staff knowledge and confidence so they will be good models for the children because we want to build a school that focuses on daily exercise and systematically encourage physical exercise, because that is the foundation for the physical, mental and social well-being for life. We believe that by using multifaceted teaching methods, diverse materials and increasing childrens' awareness of their physical surroundings children will become more empowered. By doing this the children will be more able and confident in approaching different subjects in various ways, ways that are suitable for each child individually. This would in turn increase their well-being and performance at later stages in the education system and finally at work.All in all there are 10 participants. All of them were selected based on which ones would be most likely to maintain the flow of the project and involve other staff. For this occasion we selected individuals who are in management positions. They are in direct contact with nursery staff and more importantly with the children at the nursery. They are therefore best suited to ensure proper mediation of knowledge to all levels of the operation. The managers are: Nursery principal, assistant principal, special-education manager (who would lead by being project manager), subject leader for health, subject leader for art and five departmental managers.The project will last for two years and we have chosen United Kingdom as country we would like to visit. We believe that they have taken good and strong steps concerning the physical, mental and social well-being and so we feel that we can learn a lot from them. The idea is to visit other nurseries and work as interns for a few days and to attend a conference in London. We will also visit United Kingdom to study their methods focusing in childrens' physical activity with subjects concerning Yoga for children, physical awareness, emotional and physical well-being and the functions of the human body.

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